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Inspiration comes in many forms: The love of a child. The purr of a cat. The solace of a good book. True inspiration and support sticks around beyond the easy, carefree times reminiscent of a TV commercial. It metaphorically holds your hand throughout your lowest moments and is still there to pull you from the trenches when the rough times finally subside.

While life contains many small enjoyments, there are four main aspects that you in the community have found to be the most inspiring when faced with a tough moment: Family, Pets, Faith, and Determination.

Family runs deeper than blood, deeper than a marriage certificate. Family, for our MS community, is the husband that calls you beautiful when you look your worst, or the child that hugs you even when you blow your fuse. For many, maintaining a positive attitude and setting an example for loved ones is the biggest motivator:

  • “My wife who is so special and is also my caregiver. I would be lost without her. She does her best to keep me positive”
  • “My niece has spina bifida. She can walk, just one leg is bigger then the other. I want to show her no matter what, always stay positive”
  • “Family keeps me going”
  • “The hugs my grandson gives me melt my heart away!”
  • “My beautiful 4 year old keeps me going”

Pets are your furry family members. They pass no judgment, they hold no grudge and they literally lick the tears away. It’s no surprise that recent studies have shown pets can ease the stress and anxiety of a chronic illness. Whether it’s difficult arithmetic or the loss of a loved one, the mere presence of a fur-baby is shown to measurably reduce stress and improve coping. Many of you in the community agree:

  • “Dennis, my service dog and constant companion, keeps me going”
  • “My partner and my pets – would hate to be without any one of them”
  • “My two sweet four legged humans…”
  • “My pets – two dogs, two cats”
  • “My fur-babies really help”

Faith and Determination are the invisible forces needed to push through the tough moments of this invisible illness. This does not require belief in a higher power – having faith in yourself can be what’s necessary to continue moving forward. This community is strong and determined to keep going, even when faith is all that’s left.

  • “The idea that I refuse to let it beat me”
  • “I push myself and try harder to be better for my loved ones”
  • “Prayer”
  • “My faith in almighty God.”
  • “My refusal to quit”

Life with MS has low points. It’s not the carefree living portrayed on TV commercials. But inspiration is everywhere. Whether inspired by your child, your puppy, your god, or yourself, we hope there is always someone or something that will keep you going when times are tough.

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