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As a way to offer people living with multiple sclerosis, MS care partners, and any family members a way to connect with others going through the very same challenges and receive valuable information and support at the same time, everyone here at the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) is proud to announce the recent launch of our brand-new peer-to-peer online platform titled, My MSAA Community.

My MSAA Community powered by HealthUnlocked

Powered by HealthUnlocked, this free online portal is a safe, supportive and friendly community where people can post questions and comments, reply to ongoing conversations, share messaging through social media platforms, and have the option to participate in occasional polling questions about important MS issues.

With nearly 700 followers joining in less than a month, My MSAA Community has already made quite an impact on people visiting the site and joining the conversation. Among the many positive comments MSAA has received since launching the site is this post from one of our current community members:

My MSAA Community testimonial cindyrn68

MSAA greatly appreciates all of the supportive feedback we’ve received so far and encourages you to visit our new online community to learn more and gain valuable peer support.

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