It's My Choice

I've learned since my diagnosis that there are a lot of people who like to voice their opinions on what I can and cannot do... and all I can really say is, it's my choice...

I get to choose how I want to live my life with this disease. I love others input, but that's all it is... someone’s opinion... I will take it in and acknowledge it and appreciate those who care enough to voice their opinion.

However, it's my choice in the end. It's my body, my illness, and my decision.

Have you ever felt "pressured" into a decision, not just with something to do with your MS, but life in general? Being pressured into making a decision is NOT a good feeling and it leaves doubts in your head, and at times regrets.

While there is great advice out there, we must make the right decision for OURSELVES!

Our decisions when it comes to MS, may take time to make... we have a lot to think about, because it does concern not only our future, but also our health. These types of decisions are not easily made.

So, if someone gives me his or her advice, more than once... it annoys me. Just because I haven't made a choice yet, doesn't mean I have disregarded the advice or anything like that, but our decisions with MS cannot be a spur of the moment type of thing. It's not like... "Hey how about we have pizza for dinner?" and you respond within a minute with a "yes" or "no"...

I mean it's already difficult making a decision that has to do with your MS, but if you factor in the cognitive issues (if you have the "pleasure" of that symptom) ... it takes us a long time to really think on what we want to do.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t feel like you have to rush in to decisions… or do something because others feel it’s the right decision for you…

It’s your body... It’s your mind… It’s your choice.

Ashley Ringstaff

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