I've Sprung a Leak

No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of leak, for starters. I just wanted to clarify that before I go any further. I needed to share what I’ve been dealing with a lot lately… and that’s my memory. It seems that I randomly just don’t remember certain things. Even things that are repetitive, like paying bills, it’s all completely slipping my mind. Hints the title, sprung a leak.

Memory issues can be very embarrassing at times. I try to laugh it off as much as possible, but I can’t always find the humor in certain scenarios. I mean, I’ve forgotten my age before… more than once… and it’s MY AGE! Like seriously? How do I draw a blank on that? Some people have probably thought I was severely intoxicated or something.

I’m known to have something pop in my head, which I need to remember. I usually add it to my ‘notes’ section on my phone… but at times, I’m like, “Oh, I’ll remember that.” Not five minutes later, and I’ve already forgotten what I was supposed to remember. I’ve started keeping a small notepad on me, so that I can write things down when need be… But recently, with the weather going from one extreme to another, my hands have been giving me issues… so it just depends on how I’m feeling. It never fails that my brain goes in to overdrive on things to remember, thoughts, article ideas, etc. It ALWAYS happens when I lay down to go to bed… Go figure right?

Setting up reminders

I’ve started adding all of my important dates, appointments, etc. into my phone with multiple reminders, right as my appointment is scheduled, or things of the sort. Or else, I won’t remember at all. Before I started doing this, I would get a Courtesy Reminder Call from my doctor’s office the evening before my appointment, and I would still forget by the morning. I’m sure I drive my husband crazy with this, always forgetting things. Thankfully, he has seen it happen first hand, and knows that I’m not just ‘being lazy’ or irresponsible, etc. If I miss paying a bill, and I get a call asking me what I haven’t paid, and if I can pay today… they have to ‘note’ a reason for the missed/late payment. I don’t know how many times they marked as, “SHE FORGOT”. Then I’m frustrated because they obviously have record of this, and are wondering why I’m always paying late, and that I’m just making excuses or whatever, but that’s not the case. I’m about to the point that I’m going to hand off the financial payments to my husband, because I just don’t feel like my brain can retain the information, ever.

I’ve been at a friend’s house hanging out, and I’ll go inside to refill my drink or something, and after five minutes, walk back outside not even knowing why I went inside. I will literally stand there and try to remember why I came in there, go through my thought process, what I was doing at the time, etc. Oh, by the way, I am on medication to help with my cognitive/attention issue… but it doesn’t seem to help at all times. I do much better around the 11am hour. However, come about 4pm, and it’s like my memory just goes to sleep till the next day.

It's so frustrating

The worst part is that I don’t even have any one, physically, to be mad at. I try not to hold any negative emotions inside, but sometimes it’s just unavoidable. I remember that I used to be so good and remembering people’s numbers, birthdays, names, all of that. Now, if I meet new people, they have to keep repeating who they are to me, because I forget, especially in a large group setting. It’s almost like it’s ‘sensory overload’. Also, trying to remember things so often, brings on the MS Fatigue big time.

Then there is the fact that if I get to know these new people and being to remember their names, if I don’t see them frequently, I will eventually forget their name, and I feel horrible about it. Before I was diagnosed, if someone forgot my name, that I knew and was around frequently, it hurt my feelings a bit. Now I’m on the other end of it, and it gives me a completely different perspective.

I’m sure I could write on this subject for days, but I’m going to stop it here. I will most likely revisit the subject in the future.


Ashley Ringstaff

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