27650 Aren't We All Just Like Flowers in the Sun?

Aren't We All Just Like Flowers in the Sun?

I have found a new hobby this summer season. It has been revealed to me that I love to garden! Something about getting my hands dirty and giving new life to plants is exhilarating and relaxing for me all at the same time! The other day when I was watering my flowers I realized that my flowers and I have a lot in common. Flowers take a lot of time and energy. You have to plant them carefully, water them and nurture them so that they’ll grow to their best potential. You also can’t keep flowers out in the extreme heat without water because they will surely wilt. The definition of wilt is, “To feel or exhibit the effects of fatigue or exhaustion; weaken markedly.” Wow, that feeling sounds oddly familiar!

Taking care of ourselves

Much like my flowers, my body with MS takes a lot of time and energy to keep me at my healthiest and my finest. Like the planting and preparing you have to do to plant, you also have to prepare a lot with MS. We have to have the doctors, the specialists, the MRIs and medication. My medication is like the fertilizer and Miracle Grow that I feed my flowers. Without it, I would probably survive, but it is certain I would not look nor feel my best. The way I most feel like I could relate to my flowers though, is the fact that they wilt in the heat. Summer in North Texas can be brutal. The heat and humidity is like none other. I swear sometimes the sun feels hotter here, haha! I notice in my flower bed, after a day of intense heat my flowers are wilted and droopy. They look like the life has been sucked out of them, and they are sad, almost. Much like my flowers, after a day in the extreme heat I literally feel like I wilt. My body weakens and my limbs feel heavy, like bags of sand hanging from my body. Like the definition of wilt says, my body feels and exhibits the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. My body weakens in ways that are hard to explain to someone who doesn’t also deal with it. The days where it’s the worst I’ll even begin to feel drunk or loopy, staggering and stumbling around because my body can’t handle the strength of the sun. Without the effects of the heat, I stand tall and proud, feeling my best. But, when the sun gets to me, my body feels like it’s not my own anymore. With my flowers, the colorful, happy blooms feel threatened and wilt at the sight of the sun. And, just like that when the sun is too much for me, my body feels threatened and wilts much the same.


Thankfully with the right amount of water, love and attention my flowers quickly perk back up, and soon they’re back to their prime. They thrive when they are taken care of correctly. And, just like that when I take the right care of my body with MS, I perk back up and begin to thrive again. Flowers have the ability to look like they’re about to drop dead and then out of nowhere there they are standing tall and beautiful again. They can be trampled, rained on, hailed on, and even then they survive. Like the flower we must learn to do the same. One of my favorite sayings says, “Even the most beautiful flowers have to go through a little dirt first.” Everything about MS can get us down, especially when symptoms are at their worst. But, like the flower we have the ability to bloom again, stand tall again and rise from the dirt with renewed strength and magnificence. With the right amount of love and dedication to our bodies and strength and faith in ourselves we can make it through these issues and stand as tall and beautiful as ever. Even the heat can’t keep us wilted for long!

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