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When it comes to knowing things that are going on in the world of MS, I try to stay on top of it. I feel that if I have a better understanding and knowledge of what’s going on that it can improve my health when it comes to MS.

I do go to major MS conferences throughout the year for MSWorld, where we interview neurologists on things for MS, so that helps me stay informed in a big way. If you want to view that coverage, click here. I will be attending three conferences this year. At MSWorld, we actually just sent out Special Edition Newsletter about the Conference Coverage, click here to read it.

But besides that, I am subscribed to a lot of newsletters for MS organizations as well as Google Alerts for “Multiple Sclerosis”… I know not everyone likes to receive e-mails all the time, but some of these organizations do have magazines that they send out every so often, like MSAA & NMSS.

Another way to stay informed, check MS websites often. Most of them have a section for News, Research, etc. That’s a good way to keep you informed.

Now, being that I’m involved in many ways with the MS Community, I still have those family members and friends who will hear or see something ‘new’ concerning MS and they will call or email me asking if I know about it. Which in most cases, I have… but still, that’s a really great feeling to. To know that I have people who care, and think of me when they hear something.

If you are ever wondering if there are any studies being done on certain topics with MS, or about a certain medication, you can always search for those clinical trials by going to:

Social Media has become a very big way to share information. Now, not all that information is legit but you have to make sure you are receiving your information from a credible source. Most MS organizations have Social Media accounts. It’s either listed on their website, or you can just search Multiple Sclerosis in the ‘search’ area on Facebook, for instance.

So here is a list of some MS organizations I visit frequently to keep myself informed:

(You are reading this on, so I don’t need to list that off lol)

Well, I hope you find this information helpful… I just thought I would share some ‘tips’ on how to stay informed and educated about everything going on with Multiple Sclerosis.


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