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A woman sitting at a picnic and getting pelted with lemons. There is one that hits her in the head and drips down her face.

When Life Hands You Lemons

Our family recently received some shocking news. Some would say it’s wonderful news and some might say it’s just plain crazy. While I’m not ready to share this news with the whole world quite yet, as our family is trying to process everything, I will say that this isn’t your everyday news. I would have to say that I have not received news of this magnitude since finding out my MS diagnosis. It’s one of those things where you never in a million years think it will happen to you! I don’t write this article to keep you guessing, but instead to remind myself and others how to manage life with MS through more life-changing news.

Huge news affects our health

You know the saying, “When life hands you lemons”? Sometimes I feel like it doesn’t hand us lemons, but instead, life throws those lemons at us and hits us hard. This time it’s hit me right in between the eyes and I’m not sure if I’m too dizzy to stand back up and keep going or if I need a moment to collect myself. So, I decided I really need to do both. When life hands us huge news, whether good or bad it’s important to take the time to process, but it’s also important to stand up and keep going. I think this is especially true when the news has the potential to affect your health as mine does.

3 important reminders

When life hits me in the face with lemons like this I have to remind myself these things:

1. Breathe

Take a deep breath – While some things are life-changing and terrifying, it’s important to take a moment to collect ourselves and take a deep breath. Sometimes, like with MS, life throws us things that we can’t change. It doesn’t mean our life is over, it just means we have to learn to adjust accordingly.

2. Look for the good

Find the good – My MS diagnosis was a lot worse than our current news, but in my opinion, this one is just as scary. It has brought on a lot of fear and anxiety about what is to come. There is a lot of unknown. I like knowing things, so being thrown situations where the situation is out of my control is difficult for me. But, just like with MS, I want to find all of the positives and focus on those things. I have to find the good because the good is what keeps me focused and keeps me looking forward. Finding the good helps shed light on the situation. If I change the way I look at things, it helps me move forward instead of staying where I am, paralyzed in fear. Sometimes the biggest blessings are tucked inside what we may see at first as a curse.

3. You have power over the situation

Learn to let it go – Don’t get me wrong, I think it is so important to let yourself have a moment to freak out. Freak out, cry, scream, ask why me, do whatever you have to do to let it all go. If we don’t let it go in the beginning then we allow the situations to take over. When situations have the opportunity to take over, it is then that they are given the potential to suffocate us. We have the power when it comes to what life throws our way, let’s not let it break us. Again, just like with MS, you can get up and keep living life to the fullest or you can let it suffocate you until you have nothing left.

Finding balance

These 3 things aren’t fool-proof ways to fix any situation, but I do think these things can help us find balance when the world around us seems to be spinning too quickly. MS or otherwise, I hope these little reminders help you with whatever lemons life is throwing your way. Challenges make life interesting, to say the least, but overcoming them is where we are able to find meaning and see ourselves shine.



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  • MyMe2isMS
    6 months ago

    Why stop at simple lemonade? I’ve gone straight to the more in depth lemon pie! With the Rx’s for ms, the migraines I suffered for years, often lasting 3-5 days have virtually disappeared! Hallelujah! With migraines I was never dependable. With ms my motto is “I’m 100% undependable” . We adjust, we find the silver lining, we stretch our imagination for our humor. And we are much more compassionate when we see people living like we are. Hooray for us! Lemonade is too simple. Lemon pie is Skill!

  • Calie Wyatt moderator author
    6 months ago

    @myme2isms I love it!! Lemon pie it is!

    Thank you for sharing!!


  • Bkboo
    6 months ago

    I agree and yes lemons have been thrown, hurled, and smashed in my face! Its hard sometimes to look at the good, however its the only way for me to enjoy my life. I scream and vent when needed. We all have had horrible experiences. To me, its life and my path and I have to look at whats good in my life because there is wonderful things if we let it in….

  • Calie Wyatt moderator author
    6 months ago

    @bkboo I love your outlook! I agree, I have to look at the good, otherwise it becomes too easy to lose myself.

    Thank you for commenting!!


  • dgerbing
    6 months ago

    Sorry i have to disagree. It gets worse. After losing everything. Get stuck it another situation that the IRS says you owe us 2 grand and takes 18 grand and wants even more. We have nothing. I have 3 sets of clothes. Some with holes in it. Free lawyers are saying. IRS is mixed up but this has been with us for over 5 years. another i had a joy having chickens. 8 years now we are getting kicked out. I have to get rid of them. Now the crying starts the sadness. This is where i say again NO GOD. All the good years i had. I provided for a disabled family beds ect i provided for 2 other families for food on their tables. I installed carpet for free for the poor and the church. I gave money away. NOw when i need where is this so called god??? Not to be seen or heard….. And where is the so called church and the help??? Any way thanks for letting me rant

  • Calie Wyatt moderator author
    6 months ago

    @dgerbing I am so sorry to hear about your current situation, I cannot even imagine. I am glad you found this a safe place to rant and let your feelings go!

    Wishing you the best,


  • Donna Steigleder moderator
    7 months ago

    Calie, We had one of those moment not so long ago when we were told our granddaughter’s brain was degenerating. Nothing you can do to fix that. When it’s that big, after the shock wears off, you know you just deal with what you have each day and enjoy that day. We take each day we have and don’t plan long range. We don’t know how long we have before starts to deteriorate but till then we just enjoy what time we have and make each day count. When it’s out of your hands and you let God control it all, it’s actully much simplier; at least it is for us. I’ll be praying for you and your family for whatever is ahead.
    Here’s a virtual hug….

  • Calie Wyatt moderator author
    6 months ago

    @dsteigleder Donna, I am so sorry to hear about your gandaughter. I will definitely be keeping your family in my prayers as well! Thank you so much for your kind words and words of wisdom!! I appreciate you!

    Best wishes,


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