Life Is Like Lasagna

Before I begin, I want to say that within this article I will talk a lot about my faith. My faith is something that I believe has carried me through many things in my life-both good and bad! But, I do not write about my faith to push it on anyone in any way. I sincerely and nicely want to let you know that if hearing about God or faith may offend you in any way, this article may not be for you. :)

Sometimes I feel like a failure

There are a lot of days as a stay at home mom and wife that I feel like I fail. Sometimes the fatigue and pains that come with my MS make me feel lazy and incapable of everything I want to get done for the day. Then there are days like today where I give myself some grace for the lazy times and remind myself of everything that I can do and do get done daily. This morning I got up got up and got ready for my twice yearly MRI with my one and half year old in tow-ya'll that's a workout in itself! Ha! I then went to my MRI appointment while my mother in law graciously watched my son. When I got home all I wanted to do was just sit. The morning was busy and draining, but I still had so much to do! As I was making a homemade tomato and meat sauce for my first ever homemade lasagna, I was reminded of how amazing life is. Yet - life gets hard, it gets busy and we forget all that we are capable of.

Life has many layers

Lasagna is layers of deliciousness. There are the noodles, the meat, cheeses and spices. But, it would be so plain and boring without the robust, flavorful sauce. My life is much like a lasagna. I have many layers. I have my favorite layers, which are being a wife, momma, and friends. I have the things thrown in like my MS and it’s symptoms. I think they are like the spices-you can choose to take it or leave it. However, without those spices you wouldn’t achieve the certain taste or authenticity of the dish. The spices give the dish depth. My MS has certainly given me a certain taste or outlook on life. It was thrown into the “recipe” for my life, but it has shown and taught me so many valuable things. And, then, THEN you have the layers of sauce. The sauce for me, is God and my faith. He’s that robust, flavorful part of my life that keeps me together and makes me a finished product. Without my faith I would not be half of what I am today. But, like the sauce, God fills in the parts that feel off or incomplete-the parts that lack flavor and substance. He is what brings all of the many layers of life together, and he fills in those empty spaces. I am in constant awe of my creator and how he teaches me things often, even when it’s doing something as simple as making a tomato sauce. Now, that’s true food for thought!

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