Utilizing the Power of the Letters M & S

Suffering intermittently with unexplained symptoms and even a misdiagnosis at one point, I was unwittingly traveling a trajectory that was about to forever impact my life with two mere, but powerfully significant letters; two incredibly weighted letters were the culprit of said symptoms. Those letters were M and S. It was determined that I had Multiple Sclerosis. I’d discover that those two letters, MS, would not only serve as the abbreviation for the disease, but also be instrumental in affecting - and teaching - me a great deal relative to how I’d live my (new) life, in understanding the importance of regulating my emotions to keep my mental and physical well-being as stable as possible, and to create a healthy outlook post-diagnosis.

Living life one day at a time

Undoubtedly, a life with MS added More Stuff to my world and it was necessary to learn how to Manage Somehow. I had to consider thinking ahead for my family's new normal, because although Multiple Sclerosis is unpredictable, I am also aware that it is degenerative - things could certainly change. Yet, in order to not succumb to fret and worry over what was, would, may, or could be, I had to cope with weathering one bad day at a time, enduring a symptom at a time, tolerating prescribed medicines one dose at a time... and bravely living life one day at a time. It was important to do all of this while Maneuvering Smoothly to avoid a worrisome, anxious spirit and a Mediocre , Stressful life. Negativity would not be conducive to living my best or Most Successful life. Additionally, it was, and continues to be, necessary for me to be an example for my children to do the same. I didn't want My Struggle to be theirs.

Controlling my emotions

I Must Say, controlling my emotions hasn't been an easy feat at times. It takes Magnificent Skill to keep a Mostly Sunny disposition with the plethora of daily challenges MS can bring. Rather than wallow in Miserable Sorrow over the Many Situations unfortunately experienced while living with MS, I Mustn’t Stop. Acknowledging feelings of frustration, anger, sadness, fear and such then finding tools with which to deal with, and ultimately persevere, promotes personal growth and hopefully may inspire others in like circumstances to do the same. It's been my experience that those who live depressed and in despair have less motivation and a decline in their Mental State. Emotions play an important role in Maintaining Sensible lives while navigating through the perils of a chronic disease.

A hiccup in my journey

I believe MS could perhaps be a hiccup in my journey derived to teach me values or lessons that I may have otherwise missed. It could also be present as an opportunity for me to provide hope, strength, and encouragement to others by sharing My Story. Some have to look to others when they’ve lost or don't have ‘it’ for themselves...turning to family, friends, or even communities such as MultipleSclerosis.net to seek the Major Support needed to bear the Many Struggles associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

It's okay to move slow

It took My Strength to let go of what I could not change and courage to recognize that I Must Stand tall no matter what MS brings my way. And finally, it's okay to Move Slow... Just don’t stop. Those letters M and S illicit powerful thoughts indeed.

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