(M)antras, (S)logans and (MS) Life

Even if created for marketing purposes or to promote a brand, a catchy slogan, motto or quote can serve as great attention grabbers. Hence, they are often utilized for campaigns, sales, and even personal uplifters, delivering speeches, rendering encouragement, giving inspiration, or during ‘teaching’ moments. The more you can relate to or find the mantra applicable to yourself or your circumstance(s), the more likely a successful outcome, outlook, breakthrough or healthier manner to proceed with questions or issues that you may be confronted with.

Slogans for life with MS

Marketing slogans for athletic brands, in addition to style and quality, of course, may play some part in a consumer’s decision to purchase. For example, Nike encourages us to “Just Do It”, Reebok firmly states “I Am What I Am”, Adidas lets us know that “Adidas Is All In”, and Fila has “Power Style”. However, those same slogans can be applied to situations that may arise in our lives. I'm a prime example. Though I have acute bilateral foot edema and am unable to even sport the athletic shoes, I can still apply their slogans to my life... Specifically, as it relates to living with the challenges of a chronic, degenerative disease named multiple sclerosis...

Just do it

I have mornings when I awaken and simply want to take a shower, but I already know what the outcome is going to be. I'll be down for the count, weathered, fatigued. Admittedly, some days are more difficult and I’m forced to improvise, but more often than not, I make like NIKE and encourage myself to “Just Do It” ...And I feel so accomplished when I do.

I am what I am

As an adult, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the progression over the years has primarily impacted my gross motor skills prompting the need for assistive device(s). I can no longer do many of the things I could do even 3 years ago, but it's what's inside of my heart, mind, and soul that makes me, me... Like REEBOK says “I Am What I Am” - and I'm ok with that.

All in

Life can already be difficult. It doesn't get easier with the random, unexpected hurdles that arise along the way. Some are sure to bring us to our knees, make us want to throw in the towel. After I was diagnosed with MS, I could have decided to do either, but instead, I decided that this was my life to fight for so like “ADIDAS Is All In”, I was too - and continue to be wholeheartedly.

Power style

Feeding your mind pessimism, negativity, despair, and such does nothing for your physical or mental health. Yet, living my life as an optimistic, positive, hopeful person, allows me a peace during adverse circumstances - such as dealing with MS. These attributes, I've found, take the power out of the hands of despondency and unhappiness and allows me the power over my outlook, perception and the manner in which I cope with adversity. Additionally, because that power dictates that MS cannot and will not take away my all around ‘phenomenal-ness’, I see myself powerful with a flair... like FILA “Power Style”.

My very own mantra

With all that said, I’d be remiss not to share my very own mantra. It's a bottom line, daily reminder for me and hopefully an encouragement to others...

“No matter what we are confronted with, the goal is to OVERcome and not to SUCcumb”.

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