JOMO: Joy of Missing Out

I saw something today on the National MS Society’s Instagram, and I felt like it was speaking directly to me. It said “JOMO: Joy of Missing Out.” Oh, how true this is for me, especially as the holiday madness is coming to an end. I hate missing out most of the time, but the truth is, there does come a time when I will gladly take my snuggly couch over going out again. Sometimes, down days are nice. I enjoy getting a break and having a good excuse to lay around all day. Sometimes I enjoy “missing out.”

Living with MS and missing out

After the new year, I always feel like I need a month straight of rest and sleep. We celebrate Christmas with 3 different families, on top of our own little celebration, and while it’s a blessing to have that much family to enjoy, it’s also very physically demanding. It’s a reminder that I can’t always hang with the rest of them. That’s okay, though; I would rather miss out than spend days feeling horrible afterward. It reminds me that there are those times where I need to enjoy missing out and to make myself take the time to rest.

Down days aren't always fun

This got me to thinking though. As much as we may enjoy having down days and rest days, there comes a time when down days aren’t so fun anymore. Rest days can soon become a burden when you have to have them all of the time. They become frequent and inconvenient instead of that rare treat that leaves us feeling rejuvenated. Fighting for your wellness isn’t always fun. To most, lying cuddled up in a blanket watching TV all day sounds amazing. And, it should be. But there comes a time when you’re sick that it’s no longer enjoyable anymore.

It becomes a burden

It becomes a burden, and you would give anything to be able to get out. I know that I’ve felt this way before with MS. When needed the first day or so of rest and recovery is pleasant, and it’s needed. But that third day and beyond I start getting restless and ready to get back out and back to normal. It’s not always that simple though. Unfortunately, with chronic illness, we can’t always just get back up and out whenever we’re ready; we have to wait for our body to follow. Some might say it’s mind over matter, but when you physically aren’t up to it, then obviously that’s not true. It makes you realize that there isn’t always joy in missing out. Sometimes, in fact, missing out is depressing.

Resting because we want to

Those down, sick days that turn into a week make me more appreciative though. They make me appreciate the good days. Even if I’m not feeling my best, if I’m able to function like a normal human and get out and about, then it’s a good day. I still enjoy some “JOMO” especially after a busy month, but again, when missing out becomes a frequent thing, it isn’t such a joy anymore. I hope that as the busyness winds down that we are all able to sit back and relax; take a breather. I also hope that none of us has done so much that our rest days become rest months and feel like a burden. May we all be able to rest because we WANT to, not because we HAVE to.



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