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Finding the Balance (Or Not): Mobility Issues & MS

Balance and coordination problems are some of the most common MS symptoms, and they can also be some of the most dangerous. For example, foot drop can affect a person’s ability to drive or it can cause nasty falls when walking. For MS Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on this symptom and highlight some top articles on this topic, as well as hear from you!

The risk and danger of falling

The risk of falling can be really scary for a person living with MS, but also for their loved ones! Sometimes, it can be challenging to get back up, and if no one is home to help, the experience can be terrifying and lead to serious injuries. Read some tips for minimizing your fall risk from a physical therapist.

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Foot drop

Foot drop occurs when a person has difficulty lifting the front part of the foot. This can cause the front of the foot to drag while walking and can lead to tripping and falling, as mentioned earlier. One way to combat foot drop is Functional Electrical Stimulation, or FES. Learn more about how FES can improve the signals between the brain and the nerves controlling the foot to prevent foot drop.

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Trouble with walking

Many people with MS have trouble walking occasionally, like when they’re struggling with fatigue, leg weakness, or numbness. Some people with MS aren’t able to walk and use wheelchairs while others rely on mobility aids like a cane or walker. Even on the best days, walking through a crowd can be like an obstacle course. Check out an MS comic that shows what walking can be like on a tough day.

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Mobility aids

The choice to use mobility aids can be challenging no matter where you are in your MS journey. Cane, forearm crutches, motorized scooter, powerchair – how do you decide the right time to use any of these? How do you overcome the social stigma and come to terms with this decision? Read Mitch’s thoughts on mobility aids and his experiences adopting them.

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