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The credit card company sent an email at 3:30 AM asking me to call them because they believed my account had been compromised and fraudulently used. Now I don’t know what makes them think I wouldn’t wire over $1200 to a third world country, but I’m glad they questioned it because their contact saved me lots of phone calls and time I would have spent later undoing unauthorized charges.  It turns out my card had been used again for another  large dollar amount on that same day; it seems once they think there is a vulnerable card holder involved, the thieves don’t stop trying to take our money.  This credit card has now been cut off and they will send me a new one and all the fraudulent charges have been removed from my account.

This activity to protect me and my credit made me think wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fraud alert line for MS? There are so many claims to cures or treatments that don’t hold up to scientific review or maybe even common sense, yet people are still anxious to cling to them as the answer to MS and be taken for their hard earned money.  Perhaps this is an indicator of how desperate the MS community is for a cure, but it also reflects the polished presentation of the perpetrators.

Bee sting therapy has been suggested for several decades to be a way to alter our immune system to turn off our MS.  We would be better off investing our money into hives for the honey than to throw away our finances on repeated treatments of venomous attacks by these little insects.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is still surfacing out there – but it is usually promoted by people who want to also sell us our own HBOT chamber to use at home. This treatment is based on the idea that MS is caused by a lack of oxygen in our blood. The lacking-oxygen theory was also why people were ingesting hydrogen peroxide for a cure to MS, although I will grant that this stuff isn’t all that expensive.

Of course if we have thousands of dollars to spare, we could also have all the amalgam fillings removed from our teeth – the theory there is the mercury in the old dental fillings has caused our MS.  A big flaw to this is the fillings are well sealed and by breaking them open, we risk greater exposure than leaving them alone. I am of the age where these materials were used on us regularly to repair cavities, and it leaves me thinking if this claim were true, there would be a lot more cases of MS.

Lately you might have seen the ads offering to cure your MS while traveling to exotic locations such as Costa Rica, China or Bulgaria, and it would be nothing to pay 20, 30 or even 40-thousand dollars to travel abroad to have the Liberation treatment performed.  Recent studies of this theory have proven this treatment is not the answer, either, to a cure for you or me but another quick way to put a dent in our bank accounts.

Have you been tempted to buy one of those high-priced juicer machines advertised on late-night television by a well-known celebrity with MS? Drinking concoctions of kale and spinach and carrots may be healthy and increase our vitamin levels and help to make us regular, but it isn’t going to cure our MS. Why don’t we get a phone call telling us to protect our money instead of an 800 number flashing at us, trying to lure us into calling them before midnight?

Unfortunately, after reviewing  all of these claims to the standards of scientific method for confirmed proof they work,  these purported treatments often appear to be  nothing more than a ruse to separate us from our money, much like the fraudulent use of my credit card. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some company out there calling us and protecting our money and time from claims of MS cures, much like my credit card company?

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