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Many women who are pregnant have to take certain medications for various health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure while they are pregnant. Still others with certain health conditions who become pregnant are encouraged to stop treatment with various drugs, like DMTs for MS. In both cases, whether a woman is currently taking a medication or has taken a medication prior to becoming pregnant, it is important to record health data from the pregnant mother as well as the baby to assess the potential risk of that medication to the health of the mother and child.

A pregnancy exposure registry is a study that collects health information from women who are pregnant or who are planning to be pregnant in the near future and who have been taking certain medications within a month of their last menstrual period (LMP) or during pregnancy. Registry participants are not asked to take a specific drug/treatment, but rather simply report their health data throughout their pregnancy and for a specific period of time after giving birth. would like to know whether our community members would be interested in learning about opportunities to participate in pregnancy registries.

Please take a look at the polls below and vote in the poll(s) that apply to you.


I am currently pregnant


I am trying to get pregnant


I was previously pregnant and had already been diagnosed with MS at that time

Managing your MS has many challenges, and it can become even more complex when you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Please share any thoughts you have about your experience with MS and pregnancy in the comments.

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