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Each day I get a round-up of MS News headlines in my email, via the help of Google Alert.  I’m not sure what algorithm is used by Google to pick the stories that will be included in my daily feed, but they can make for some interesting reading.

Although I am tempted to immediately click on the first link that gets my attention,  I force myself to read all of the headlines first before jumping in to any particularly story in case another one looks like it deserves to be read first. Unfortunately I only have so much time in my day and this is one way I can prioritize – look for the headlines that hold promise to be interesting.

It’s MS Walk time all over the country – and perhaps across the world from what I can tell – and each day there are several headlines about various MS Walks and fundraisers taking place.  These walks are key to raising money for MS research.  Often I don’t give these stories a second look, because they are usually just a date and time of some local event in locations far from my home,  but today there are two that demand I open and read  and both happen to be from the UK, another spot far from my home.  They read -

A Riverside fundraiser bags £600 for MS research

Leighton Buzzard Today

A Riverside mum who's suffered from multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years is celebrating after a cake bake she held at home raised more than £600…..

I love to bake when I have the time and especially the energy to be in the kitchen, and the thought of raising 600 British pounds, the equivalent of $900 U.S. dollars, in my own home, has my thoughts racing with the possibilities.  Visions of not walking and instead baking, excites me and I want to know more but then I see the next headline  which excites me even more -

Stripping fund-raisers bare up well

Shetland Times Online

Stripping and ska took centre stage at a fund-raising event organised by the Multiple Sclerosis Society Shetland last night……

Now I’m faced with the dilemma of which story I will read first.  Ok… I’m  stretching the truth here because there was no dilemma  - hands down,  I want to read about the strippers. Most MS fundraisers tend  to be do-it-yourself (DIY) events and those of us with MS and our family members host these  activities to raise money. The headline creates images in my mind of a few women like me pole-dancing and stripping, and I immediately know there would not have been much money raised.  In fact, I think I might have to pay some people to watch that performance.

I click on the link and find to my disappointment and relief, the strippers are a  professional male strip group and the sole photo with this story tells me “Brave fund-raisers agreed to  join Different Strokes for the night and take part in the ‘strip’ part of the concert.”

This event, Strip MS: Helping to Strip Away the Problems of Living with MS, took place the night before my Google alert headline appeared, and I’m told to come back next Friday to read more about how this event concluded. Left with just one small picture of some fairly scrawny looking topless men on their stage, I disappointedly move back to the other attention grabbing headline.

This is the story about the woman and her bake goods, a decidedly different approach to MS fundraising than stripping.  Again, I am left wanting more details.  This kind woman held a bake sale in her own home – according to the story, “people streamed in all day. The kettle was on constantly and sometimes it was hard to keep up.”  I can’t imagine how much tea and crumpets you must serve to make $900, but I would be worn out just getting up to open the door and let people in.  I want to know what this kind woman put in those scones and muffins to get people to donate that much for her baked goods. Again the story is brief, and lacks much in the way of details.  My imagination takes over and suddenly I have melded the two fundraisers together and picture myself fundraising in nothing but an apron....

My MS Walk team is always looking for a novel way to  raise funds but I don’t foresee opening my home for a neighborhood bake sale or stripping for the cause. Do you raise funds for MS support and have a unique way to do so?  I would love to hear your ideas – perhaps it is something we could also do as long as it doesn’t require me to take off my clothes.

Wishing you well,


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