MS is Like a Bar of Chocolate

Snickers has always been my favorite candy bar. It doesn’t take much encouragement to get me to chow down on one, preferably the king size bar. While they have been a favorite of mine for as long as I remember, this is especially true now because they are calling me from the store displays. Really, I mean it. Snickers has been talking to me and calling me out. If you’ve seen a Snicker’s bar recently you know exactly what I mean. It isn’t always the same name but nonetheless they are speaking directly to me and my life with MS.

The many moods of MS

Once and for all I want to tell the candy bar display - stop with all the snickers! Who are you calling SAWFT? I really want to yell, but perhaps I’m just feeling EDGY because my MS has left me CONFUSED. I’m not really a TROUBLEMAKER, it’s my MS that leaves me CRABBY. It’s not helping when you remind me I might be HANGRY.

Often times we talk about the COMICAL side of MS, just to relieve the tension from living with a chronic disease, but that chatter almost always includes a SARCASTIC aside or two. More often than not, MS just leaves me BEFUDDLED, and bordering on feeling a bit CRAY CRAY.

When others suggest strange unproven ways I can improve my MS, I often choke back my terse reply, and now thanks to Snickers I can literally eat my own SNARKY words.

Attitude adjustment

Snickers also has me covered with positive attitude… who among us doesn’t feel FEROCIOUS at times as we battle with MS? Perhaps we aren’t up to that much fight, but we all display we are SPUNKY as we tackle each new day. Who needs the sugar from the candy when the words on the wrapper can get me pumped up?

Name calling

The name calling isn’t necessary and I don’t think of myself as a KNUCKLEHEAD, but Snickers is correct in calling me STUBBORN. I wish they could be more sure of what they ultimately call me though, because it’s difficult to be a PRINCESS and a HOT MESS at the same time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to run; I have a conversation to continue with my stash of Snickers.

Wishing you well,


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