MS Mentorship Program And The Future Of MS Care

In the second half of my life my passion is to do whatever it takes to help others who, like me, are living with Multiple Sclerosis. Because of my advocacy work I “chat” with others with MS every day through social media, and after awhile I began noticing some common themes:

  • “I wish they’d find a cure.”
  • “When will they finally find a medication to help those of us with progressive forms of MS?”
  • “I wish my neurologist would listen to me.”
  • “Why does it take so long to get a firm MS diagnosis?”
  • “Why won’t my doctor talk to me about complementary medicine?”

That’s why I was thrilled to read about a new program being launched where medical residents in neurology can learn more about specializing in Multiple Sclerosis. The new MS Mentorship Program is the brainchild of The Foundation of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers who held its first forum this past January to bring together renowned MS specialists and researchers with resident scholars.

“The Multiple Sclerosis Mentorship program, developed by the Foundation of the CMSC on behalf of the CMSC’s mission, was designed to develop and sustain the neurology workforce of the future.  It provided the attendees of this unique program to network with one another, share clinical, research, and personal experiences in MS and neurology, and begin to develop a solid network of support with colleagues.  One could say that a meaningful change, which was the goal of this program, would be to see more neurologists entering the field of MS care and research.  Hopefully, a big step forward toward this goal was taken in January 2015.”~June Halper, Chief Executive Officer, CMSC

I find this news extremely exciting. The world of healthcare is always changing, so why shouldn’t the world of MS care also be ever changing?

The changes I’ve witnessed since my own diagnosis in 1986 have been astonishing. In those days there were no FDA approved medications. Today there are over 10. This new mentorship program could potentially entice more and more specialists to discover better and safer ways of providing us with a better quality of life through medicine.

That’s hopeful, particularly for patients finding little to no improvement from the current menu of approved medications.

According to an article from Multiple Sclerosis News Today, “Some of the themes at the forums included the latest data on both MS immunology and pathology, as well as novel monitoring techniques and its outcomes, long-term prognosis and care. In addition specialists also emphasized new trends in the field and neurological healthcare, obstacles, resources, new diagnostic technologies and career opportunities associated with MS.

I believe this program is a giant step in the right direction, and I look forward to seeing more dedicated and compassionate doctors dedicating themselves toward improving the lives of people with MS.

"The main purpose of the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) and its foundation is to offer current and future MS healthcare professionals access to comprehensive data, continued formation, as well as support skill development. The interactive MS Mentorship Program lasts a year and is being financed with a medical education grant from Biogen."

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