MS Punching Bag

There is this popular article named the “Spoon Theory”… it was written by someone with Lupus, and trying to describe to her friend what it was like living with Lupus… while they were out at a restaurant. I’ve always enjoyed reading it and sharing it with others… since it can relate to MS… but I had an idea of my own that I want to share with everyone.

I have come to describe MS in many different ways, to people who want to understand what it’s like for me to live with it. While I can’t explain everything… I did come up with living with MS is like being a punching bag and hitting a punching bag.

Now to explain…

So with MS, as we know, our bodies (CNS) Central Nervous System is what is affected by multiple sclerosis. It’s known to be an autoimmune disease. So saying that, it’s kind of like we’re getting “beaten up” at times, by our own body… there is no defense to it to complete BLOCK the hits, so to say.

Also, when it comes to doing things in everyday life… it’s like your going against a punching bag… the more you do during the day, the more it comes at you. So look at it like this, every activity you do is a hit to the punching bag… the more aggressive you are with what you’re doing, if it takes more energy from your body and such, the harder you hit the punching bag, that we will say is our MS.

But the thing is… if you hit a punching bag… it doesn’t just back off and not come back at you… the harder you hit it, the harder it comes at you. So this is how I describe to people what it’s like to do things on a day-to-day basis.

If I push my self to clean the whole house, with each room I’m hitting the punching bag… and it’s coming back at me with just as much effort as I’m putting in to my task.

So lets say that I wake up in the morning and I clean the house, run errands all day where I’m having to walk a lot, then I come home and I stand in the kitchen to make dinner after all of this. After eating my dinner, I have to clean up the dishes and then get the kids bathed and in bed, then myself. I’ve obviously had a “knock-out” kind of day, full of things that I did with barely any “resting” time.

Now metaphorically, I would describe this as I hit the punching bag with everything I had… so it got pushed further away from me on the swing… but the next day it comes back with vengeance and slams right in to me. That’s punching bag slamming in to me the next day is my MS coming at me, because I pushed my self to do a lot the day before, and it’s not letting me just knock it around without repercussion .

There’s that saying, “There is always a price to pay”… well that’s my price.

I explain that EVERY task I do during the day does not go unnoticed. Depending on how hard I hit the MS punching bag, that’s how it’s going to measure on how it’s going to come “swinging” back to me – and there is NO avoiding it.

Another thing is, the punching bag can sucker punch you… hit you when you’re not expecting it. This is another thing with MS… While we fight against it to do our daily activities… sometimes it just comes and hits you and you’re laid out flat on the ground… no warning, nothing.

Of course we have “pads” on while fighting the punching bag, that would be our DMD’s (Disease Modifying Therapies)… but it can only block so much… just like the DMD’s can only try and SLOW the progression, not stop it.

It’s a big saying that we are all MS Fighters & Survivors… so that’s what made me think of a punching bag… there is no “delicate” way to put it when describing how life is like to live with this everyday. We don’t know what tomorrow is going to be like… or what we’re going to be like in a year… but we keep fighting.

It’s just difficult to explain how we are fighting a battle against ourselves… so I hope this analogy helped.


Ashley Ringstaff

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