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Back on May 28th, which was World MS day, in an effort to raise awareness for MS, the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation, which is composed of MS organizations around the world (including the National MS Society) encouraged people to join together and share their “One Day” wishes about their lives with MS. We decided to join in because we wanted to hear what you had to say! So, we asked our Facebook community to tell us,What's your "MS Wish"? Here is a summary of the responses we received.

I wish there was a cure for MS

  • A cure for my dad & everyone else that has MS
  • A cure; a way to deal with fatigue
  • My first wish is for a drug to help everyone no matter what stage of MS they have. My second wish is for a vaccine to prevent MS
  • A cure
  • My wish would be that it never existed
  • A cure would be nice
  • A cure & to restore damage
  • Cure and repair
  • My wish for a cure for my MS
  • I wish for more drug therapies to help

I wish I didn’t have to worry about passing MS on to my children

  • My wish is that its not hereditary and my children never feel the ravages of this disease
  • A cure of course, and that my children never get it!
  • My wish is that my children will never get this disease and if by chance they do, by then there will be a cure
  • I wish to stay strong and not pass this on to my family

I wish I was able to enjoy summer more

  • I wish I could stay cool, I love summer but cant get outside often
  • That summer wasn't hot

I wish my doctor was better versed in treating MS

  • My MS wish would be simple: that is I wish I could find just one doctor who would treat my MS seriously and not put me off for months at a time to suffer more severe relapses
  • My wish is that doctors were more informed about MS
  • More doctors and people in general to have a better understanding of the diverse issues that come with MS

I wish people were more understanding

  • I would like people to look at me and realize that I still have a brain even though I am in a wheelchair and I would love a good walk
  • For people to understand
  • To be out of pain and that my husband and stepdaughter understood what MS is and does to me instead of making me feel bad for not feeling well

I wish I could be my old self again

  • I wish I could walk again without help and wheelchair
  • I wish this was a bad dream and I could wake up
  • To feel like myself again

It’s not too late to share your MS wish with us! Please share your ideas in the comments!

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