MS Zombies? Run!!!

I really like the services and information provided on the Consortium for Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) website.  They do a great job of posting current takes on the best of the research news, and they also sponsor the largest MS conference/convention for clinicians and researchers that takes place annually in the U.S.

The CMSC certification and membership is the gold star standard for MS neurologists- there are rigid standards the MS doctors must maintain to get this seal of approval.  They must also pass special MS exams and participate in administering/overseeing clinical trials.  In other words, CMSC members have their stuff together when it comes to MS support and services. It’s a group with very high standards.

I’ve often referred people to the CMSC site to read specific articles or look for CMSC certified doctors offering services in their area.  They have a great searchable directory of specialists who also happen to be CMSC members.  I have always found it unsettling that their web url makes me do a double take – for the life of me when I see their homepage link, all I can see is the word MS SCARE. Perhaps that is because it is ingrained in me that MS is scary for all of us.

Recently while perusing the MScare site, I discovered something truly scary. They have unveiled a new patient support program that is a virtual online support group, Virtual conversations in Multiple Sclerosis.  You can join their group and have a discussion about your questions on MS, living with MS, treating MS and all sorts of other topics.  This is all good and well – an excellent idea even, except for one thing –  the people in this support group look.......ZOMBIES!!!  Yes, see them sitting there in that room pretending they want to help you with your questions about your MS brain when maybe all they really want are your brains for dinner. They sure have the zombie stare going on that spells trouble.  Well they can’t have mine – it’s pretty well used up and has too many holes to provide much nourishment anyway but I still have use for what’s left of my gray and white matter.

If you take a few minutes to interact with the support group you will notice they have peculiar body tics as well – they all have to scratch their heads or rub their nose and do it often.  I wonder if that comes from their type of MS or being Zombies but there is no place to ask that question.  I didn't hang around in the conversation long enough to see what might lurk in the corners and I took the cue and escaped while still intact with my brain.

Wander through this virtual support group and tell me what marketing person decided to take a wonderful idea and turn it into a nightmarish version of some Claymation script.  I was excited to know they had developed this idea and then when I saw it I was immediately taken back to the idea about MS Scare.  Isn’t it enough that we already often walk like the living dead – with this new online tool, they have depicted people with multiple sclerosis as scary, too.  I expect better from a group that represents the best of the best in MS care.

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