A Novel Idea: Check Out MSAA’s Lending Library

Avid readers are in luck – the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America’s (MSAA) Lending Library has more than 130 titles to choose from that include information on MS treatments, symptom management, diet and exercise, alternative therapy, caregiving, stress management, coping skills, and more. The best part? This program is free and open to everyone!

Lending Library - how it works

Anyone interested can borrow one book at a time for up to 45 days. MSAA covers all outgoing mail and return mailing costs. Once returned, you can request another title – the Lending Library can be used continuously if each title is returned within the 45-day period.

Available titles

Some examples of available genres in our Lending Library include MS information, diet/cookbooks, wellness, and biographies, such as Stumble to Rise: My Life Surviving and Thriving with MS. This biography recounts the story of how author Gina Whitlock Fletcher has struggled, taken control, and maintained a mostly joyful perspective despite her challenges with MS. Within a few days of launching her book in March 2019, Stumble to Rise hit the Amazon bestseller list in the MS category!

Looking for recipes?

If you’re looking for some new recipes, look no further than Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Cookbook: Delicious Recipes for Living Well on a Low Saturated Fat Diet. This cookbook gathers more than 200 favorite recipes from people with MS around the world! The recipes include quick and easy lunches and dinners, a variety of seafood dishes, weekend breakfasts, special occasion cakes, and holiday baking. Recipes include wholefood, meat-free, dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free options, along with a menu plan created by a nutritionist.

Borrow a book!

To borrow books from MSAA’s Lending Library, please visit mymsaa.org/library to view a list of available books and to complete a form. When ordering a book, please reference the book number listed.

Please note that lost, damaged, or unreturned items may result in a program suspension.

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