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My Life In Color

My Life In Color

I love colors. I prefer colorful shades because to me, they are full of life, spirited. It’s the vibrant colors that I want to create my very own rainbow of life.

Finding the right cane

“When it rains look for rainbows,
when it’s dark look for stars.”

My Neurologist told me, on the very same day that I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, that he was giving me a script for a cane because I needed it for my safety. My balance and gait was that bad at that juncture. Immediately, I was consumed with the ‘wow’ factor. Me? With a cane? At 37 years old? But, per the doctor’s orders, my mother and I headed to the DME store to purchase a cane. There they were. All in a bin. And amidst the standard gray ones, there peeked a few metallic pink ones. Pink, which amongst all colors, is actually my favorite! I told my mother that if I had to walk with a cane, it may as well be my favorite color! And incidentally, I had to eventually get a walker and it’s the same color!

Our very first MS Walk

“Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” – Maya Angelou
Living in an apartment on the second floor, my a cane, heavy, stiff legs, and fatigue were major contributors to my desire to stay in my apartment. I would only go out if and when it was absolutely necessary. Many times, after a week of work, staying in all weekend was pretty much the norm – much to my children’s chagrin. I recall feeling as if I was hostage to those two flights of steps. When it became unbearable and absolutely necessary for me to make changes to my living arrangement, I had questions and was referred to my state’s chapter of the MS Society for assistance. They were a huge help to my family and I was so very proud to create a team, Dianne’s Posse, sport our orange MS Society tee shirts and participate in our very first MS Walk!

A colorful life after an MS diagnosis

“After rain there’s a rainbow
After a storm there’s calm
After the night there’s a morning and
After an ending there’s a new beginning.”

What could have been a tragedy, what had/has the power to break me all the way down, kill my spirit and leave me devastated and forlorn, hasn’t. I am walking with my pink walker, or rolling in my red wheelchair. I may not be able to drive like the days of old, but with my hand controls, I can get around town when I’m not too tired. I may not be able to to work outside of the home, but I found a passion in other areas, such as writing, that I may not have found otherwise. My point is, I found life post Multiple Sclerosis!

“The greater your storm,
the brighter your rainbow”

My life in color: sunshine yellow, vivid green, sparkly silver and gold, bright blue, pretty purple, even majestic black, brilliant white… My personal rainbow crucial to keeping my spirit scintillating, ebullient regardless of my circumstances!

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  • Dianne Scott moderator author
    1 year ago

    Hi Jstbnmee!
    First, thanks so much for your comment and sharing.. I loved reading every word.
    Second, yes, great minds with or without MS certainly DO think alike..
    And third, you’ve given me a great idea relative to coloring!
    Keep your beautiful artistry up in any form.. I’ve no doubt it’s all awesome!
    Take care,

  • Jstbnmee
    1 year ago

    I’ve always loved colors. When I was diagnosed there was a nagging little voice in my head. First, I started taking close up photos of colorful miniscule things that most of us miss every day. Most photos were of flowers. They only moved with the wind and often i found little surprises as i used my phone’s camera to see just how close and clear i could get of the centers of various flowers. Then i tried taking photos that not just anyone would take. I may have thousands of photos saved. As my MS progressed and the heat became an issue, I noticed that there were adult coloring books and i became hooked. I’m no artist, have no real talent to speak of but i could color! Well, most days. I then realized coloring was a good way to see how my hand/eye coordination may be changing or even how my pain level could affect my ability to color so drastically.
    So, I found my addiction to colors in flowers, plants, nature and at one time i had about 30 various coloring books and practically every appropriate media to color my world. My fave is gel pens which was one of the last types of coloring media i tried.
    As for my flowers pictures, bending or squatting was becoming increasingly difficult which meant more time bending or squatting so i could take 10 photos of the same thing but I wasnt steady enough. So I went out on my own and picked out a cane. I wanted color, but subtle. I found the perfect green and black cane I’m still using….and green is my favorite color. I guess great minds, MS or not, think alike!

  • Dianne Scott moderator author
    1 year ago

    Hi Jstbnmee!
    First, thanks so much for your comment and sharing..
    Second, yes, great minds with or without MS certainly DO think alike..
    And thi

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