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My Long-Term Multiple Sclerosis Goals

2015, the start of a new year and like most people I have been thinking about all the things I want to change about myself and my life. Personal goals, financial goals, and of course health goals. Since I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, my new years resolutions have always had something to do with bettering my health but after working on an article (for a new blog of mine) about the long term goals of most disease-modifying medications to reduce long term disability I got to thinking; my goals for the New Years have always been short term in the grand scope of things. I mean think about it; planning one year ahead in regards to a chronic disease is nothing!

Setting my multiple sclerosis goals

After I realized this I could not help but wonder where I would be if I had always focused on reducing my long-term disability. Would I be walking properly? Would my balance be better? Would I not have lower back and knee pain? I should have been focused on creating a proper foundation for these sort of issues so that my body would not adapt and learn how to walk improperly which has led to the many joint issues I have that will even further down the line become more complicated. Now that my body has learned how to do these things improperly I have to unlearn how to walk the way I have been walking and learn how to walk the right way. This will take a long time and if I had just focused on this at the beginning of it all than that would be that much more time I could have saved.

Building the foundation

Of course everything is 20/20 in retrospect and it’s easy to understand how when I was in a wheelchair I desperately wanted out and was thinking of nothing but moving on my own two legs. It never even crossed my mind that I would start walking really heavy on my heels and develop all sorts of pain. I can’t blame myself but it did teach me something; long term is a lot longer than I thought it was. So for 2015, my goals are really about building foundations that will allow me to add goals over the years and continue building off of them like building a tower; one floor at a time until I reach the top.

My main goal: Get in shape

I think my main goal is to get in shape. I want to get back into physical therapy to fix my walking and better my balance. I want to start building my strength back up so that I can start really working with weights again. I blame Hugh Jackman and the amazing transformation he went through for his role as Wolverine. I know that getting into shape and transforming his body was a full time job but if I could just have just a quarter of that I would be happy! I think it will simply require a lot of discipline; making sure I have a solid plan that I follow every single day no matter how much I may not feel like doing anything on certain days.

I don’t want to reach the age of forty and have a body that is totally broken down; I want to do the things I love until I am 70! This is just one example of the many things I want to do but as far as long term goes it is probably the best. Staying in shape is hard enough as it is but add Multiple Sclerosis to it all? It can sometimes feel impossible so it will be a never ending endeavor; an everlasting goal. So that is what I mean by I need to build the foundation first; with a good foundation I can add another level to my tower of goals every year till it gets to the point where I am simply seeing how high I can build it all.

A commitment to myself

In 10 years I hope to look back to this day and be grateful that I made a commitment to better myself. To know I would not feel as good as I do physically if it was not for this simple realization. To know I may not be as proud of the person I have become if it was not for my wanting to better myself. Everyone thinks of where they want to be and automatically make it their goal to get there but nobody really ever works on a long-term plan. I aim to build a concrete plan to reach my goals. I have never had long-term MS related goals and now I think it’s time that I sit down and try to come up with some along with my own personal life goals so I can make a plan to be a better and happier individual.

 What MS goals do you have for the New Year? What life goals do you have and how do they relate to your MS goals?

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