My MSAA Community Is Thankful For…

A new Thanksgiving tradition was created on the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America’s online support forum, My MSAA Community. Throughout November, members of the MS community happily shared the many things they are thankful for with one another in daily posts on the forum. Some wonderful reflections were made, and MSAA is happy to share them with you!

Here are just a few of the expressions of gratitude that were shared over the past month:

I am thankful for my siblings! I have a beautiful, smart, and crazy sister and two handsome, sweet, and funny brothers. My sister never fails to call, make me laugh, and forget my troubles. My brothers, who do not usually call because they do not have much to say, will text, and in a few words, fill my heart with love. They are always there if I need them.
– Community member, Morllyn

I am thankful that I am still able to walk – usually with a cane and sometimes with a walker, but I’m still on foot!
– Community member, SueAB

I just watched the sky streak with pink and orange as the sun broke through the clouds. I am thankful for the ability to watch this morning’s sunrise!
– Community member, Tutu

I am grateful for a very special man that convinced me to elope 28 years ago today! He thought if we got married the day after Thanksgiving he would remember the anniversary date. I didn’t want to pop his bubble and tell him the day would change every year. He still remembers ever year though.
– Community member, CalfeeChick

Today, is the 47th anniversary of my wife and I. So today I am thankful that she has stuck with me through the good times and the bad times.
– Community member, Doubled51

I am very thankful for my brothers. Without them, dealing with the crises in my parents’ life would be soooo much more difficult. Easier together.
– Community member, erash

I am thankful for you guys [My MSAA Community members] and the type of support found here that cannot be replicated elsewhere.
– Community member, kdali

Today I am grateful for a precious little girl born 25 years ago today. Our first grandchild. Cannot full express the joy and wonder this beautiful child and young woman has brought into our lives.
– Community member, CalfeeChick

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