Here’s My Story...What’s Yours?

A very common story is The Three Little Pigs. There were three pigs, two who quickly built straw and stick homes to have more free time to laze or play, and the third who worked long and diligently to build a sound, brick home. When a hungry, big, bad wolf comes along, he’s able to “huff and puff” and blow down the straw and stick houses but not the brick home, so the third pig fares much better than the first two. This story shows the wisdom, perseverance, and strength of the third pig who was smart enough to know he needed to be safe and persevered to ensure his home was able to withstand what may come its way and the strength to not give in and join in his counterparts' fun and relaxation.

Another story of strength

Last month, we celebrated the Easter holiday. A very colorful holiday that features lots of candy, pretty baskets with sweet treats atop beds of plastic or paper ‘grass,’ painted boiled eggs, egg hunts, and ‘Easter bunnies’. For Christians, however, there is a very meaningful and important story which correlates with this holiday. The Easter Story tells of Jesus Christ’s last week of life, which is referred to as Holy Week. Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest (for alleging he was the Son of God - whom He is) on Holy Thursday, and his crucifixion on Good Friday. Death by crucifixion was a common practice in Roman times, but the Easter story tells of Jesus’ ordeal as particularly horrendous and cruel. He endures the harsh beating, and then, while beat, broken, and barely conscious, must carry his own incredibly heavy cross to the destination where he will hang after being nailed to it with spikes. He dies there and then is taken down and placed in a guarded tomb, but three days later - to the delight of his followers, He arose and ascended into heaven. According to the Gospel, Jesus suffered this plight so that after physical death, if we believe in Him, we too, can go to Heaven... a paradisiacal place with no hurt, pain or strife. Easter Sunday is the celebration of Jesus' Resurrection... a story of suffering, love, courage, and sacrifice.

Embodying strength and perseverance in my story

I have my own story simply entitled My Story. Born to Ernest and Gloria Scott and the second of five girls, my family wasn't monetarily rich, but exceedingly wealthy in love, support, values, happiness, and togetherness. We were raised on a foundation of strength, faith, hope, love, resilience, and intelligence, and our teachings served us well. I've faced situations that without all of the ‘good stuff’ instilled in me, I can only wonder... One paramount example is July 13, 2008, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. My life would forever change. I have a support system within my family and a couple of awesome friends, but nothing and no one beats the independence to which MS has made me bid adieu. I have transitioned to the Secondary Progressive Stage (SPMS) and even experience seizures now. Dwelling on the plethora of MS’ ill effects can be absolutely devastating... BUT, thanks to my parents and their imprint, my story will encompass the perseverance and strength of that third little piggy. I'm wise enough to recognize there's no safety in continued despondency and that there is strength in perseverance. And like Jesus, there is suffering because no chronic illness or disheartening situation is easy, but I won't be bitter nor will I sacrifice a life of all I can do for what I can't, nor will the I allow the shackles of MS to keep me down.

I’m committed to telling my story and sharing my journey with the myriad of unkind attributes of MS hopefully inspiring others to do the same in addition to avoiding giving up/in and live their best life in spite of...just like me!

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