A Slap In The Face Non-MS Injuries and Illnesses

A Slap In The Face: Non-MS Injuries and Illnesses

Living with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis is already pretty challenging. There are many times when it’s down right unpleasant. We deal with issues like pain, numbness, weakness, spasms, fatigue, and cognitive problems. There are days when even taking a shower can seem like a nightmare of a chore because of it. So when we get injured or come down with an illness that isn’t related to MS, it really seems like a slap in the face. While I’ve discussed what it can be like to have other issues with MS in the past, I never really addressed how these can really affect us from an emotional standpoint.

Can't I just catch a break?

Recently, I went through a pretty bad bout with the flu, immediately followed up by a rough ankle injury. I couldn’t help but think, “Can’t I just catch a break?” (not with the ankle though, luckily that wasn’t a break, despite looking and feeling that way at first). Since we deal with an incurable disease every day, shouldn’t we get some sort of get out of jail free card when it comes to other medical issues? I feel like we should, but in reality, many of us that already suffer with MS, tend to, as my colleague Kim likes to say, “Collect Comorbidities”. That hardly seems fair, but it’s a hard truth that many folks like us have to deal with.

A cruel joke

I get it, we’re at more of a risk than the general population for problems to arise with our health. The very nature of our disease is that our immune systems are compromised and wonky. We also have to deal with numerous falls and drops because of suddenly numb or weak extremities. So I understand why we have a penchant for catching every cold or seeming clumsy beyond reason. It makes sense for sure, but wow, it sure seems like a cruel joke at times.

A rain cloud over my head

Now, I am not trying to be a “woe is me” guy, I’m really just trying to tip my cap to my fellow MS warriors. I’m certainly not looking for any sympathy, but sometimes, it feels good to reach out to other people who are going through the same mess of problems and say, “Damn, can you believe the crap we put up with?” I think that it’s ok to acknowledge that there are times when all of this seems unfair. Getting that out there helps me feel better about things, it helps me to not dwell on it. So while it may feel like there’s a rain cloud over my head that travels with me everywhere I go, occasionally b*tchng about that rain cloud makes me forget that it’s there.

Talking to people who understand

So please, feel free to complain about your additional health issues in the comments, it really does help to get it out sometimes. It particularly helps when there are people that actually understand, and that’s always been one of the top reasons I started coming to MultipleSclerosis.net even before I started writing for them. I always knew there people here that “got it”, that understood what it was like to be me. So I’ll say it again, I get it, it’s sucks to keep have mounting health issues when we already have a pretty big one to deal with. Get it out and let’s all keep moving on and keep fighting, because we should all be pretty good at that with the amount of experience we get!

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