Overrated Things About Having MS

Overrated Things About Having MS


"(of something) considered to be better than it really is" - Cambridge dictionary.

Over-rated is a buzz word these days ever since a high-profile person’s tweet went out about a famous actress being overrated. It got me started thinking about what else might be overrated and I immediately came up with this list of things we might have because we have multiple sclerosis that are also  over rated

Handicapped parking permit

“I wish I had a handicapped placard so I could  park close to the store entrance.”  Most of us have heard someone else covet our pass.  We get that pass to park as close as possible because our walking doesn’t work like theirs’ and we tire much faster. Saving steps in the parking lot make a difference in making it through the store for many of us. The handicapped pass is definitely overrated because way too often there are no designated spots available and we still have to park further back in the lot.

Disability income check

“You’re so lucky to get a check but not have to go to work.” To get disability income it means you had income from some source before you became disabled.  Disability income is NEVER the same amount as your pre-disability check. My private disability insurance plan through my employer pays me 60% of the income I used to earn – I guess the cut could be justified because I no longer need to drive back and forth to work and don’t have to buy clothes or lunch but those costs have been replaced by medical bills. Please, don’t be envious of those of us who get disability income, because it is overrated.

Drug assistance plans

“All the drug companies have plans so you don’t pay for your drugs.”  Sure, the pharmaceutical companies offer assistance plans to buy their disease modifying therapy  (DMT) drugs with little or no copay amounts, but that is only for people who have private insurance. Government insured people, including the military and their dependents on TriCare, Medicare and Medicaid, never qualify for these programs thanks to the way their government drug supplier contracts are written. There are no assistance programs for all the other drugs we take in additional to our DMTS. Don’t be lured into thinking these programs are great because they are overrated for many except the drug company.

A free pass to sleep more

“If you’re so tired, why don’t you go take a nap and get some rest?” MS naps are overrated – they are forced on us because of MS fatigue and are a necessity and not a luxury. Unless you have MS fatigue, you really can’t understand what it feels like. MS naps are overrated because no matter how long they might be, we still awaken tired and feeling as if we had not slept at all.

The perception that there are perks we get from having a chronic is a tough one to understand and I‘m sure you can think of other things overrated by others who don’t have MS.  I hope you appreciate the irony of someone envying our MS perks knowing all of us would happily give them up in exchange for good health.

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