Living with MS

Living with MS one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with MS.

By Devin Garlit - October 26, 2017
Battling a chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis can be unpleasant. We talk often about the symptoms: the pain, fatigue, numbness, weakness, cognitive dysfunction, depression, etc. This list of possible symptoms is pretty... READ MORE

By Emily Downward - October 18, 2017
In our MS In America 2017 survey, 15% of respondents noted that they live with both MS and asthma. Asthma is a common lung disorder that is characterized by swollen, inflamed airways... READ MORE

By Kim Dolce - October 9, 2017
Right. You’re probably thinking I’ve really gone ‘round the bend this time. What in the world does Angela Lansbury have to do with multiple sclerosis? It’s a terrible insult to compare a... READ MORE

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