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MS: A Literal Pain in the A$$

Living with chronic pain is common for those with multiple sclerosis. Shockingly, pain wasn't always acknowledged by health care professionals as an MS symptom, and some of our community members still say they have trouble getting this very real and very debilitating symptom recognized by their doctors.

MS pain is real

But the evidence is blinding that MS pain is real and it's - er - creative. From neuropathy and electric shocks to the MS hug and pins and needles, many with MS are living with chronic pain every single day.

The truth about chronic pain

Living with pain every single day can change a person. Many people in our community have shared how chronic pain impacts everything, from the ability to sleep to relationships to mood. Friends and family can't always see how much pain affects their loved ones with MS, and this misunderstanding can lead to a lot of frustration.

Check out this collection of articles by people living with MS about the truth about MS chronic pain.


"Painsomnia" is a real concern for so many people with MS. They struggle with debilitating fatigue all day and then when they crawl into bed at night exhausted, pain prevents them from falling asleep. The lack of sleep can then make pain feel worse! The vicious cycle seems inescapable.

Managing pain

Those living with chronic pain have usually tried everything to try to find some relief. If you have had success in managing some of your pain, we welcome you to share your experiences in the comments below!

Physical therapy is one option that may help. Physical therapists can use a variety of techniques to help with pain like massage, stretching, targeted exercises, electrical stimulation, and more. Read about one experience with physical therapy to help with painful spasticity.

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