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MS Pain, No Gain

For a long time, pain wasn’t officially recognized as an MS symptom. In fact, some of our community members still note that their providers don’t consider their pain to be related to their MS! But it can be one of the most debilitating MS symptoms, and it can come in many different forms. Burning, neuropathic pain, electric pins and needles sensations, or sharp, shooting pains are all experiences reported by our community here at Many of our contributors have also written articles over the years describing their experiences with MS pain and how difficult it can be to describe to others. We wanted to provide a few articles here for you to share next time you hear, “MS doesn’t cause pain.” We beg to disagree!

Explaining MS Pain

Is MS Pain Real?

Ashley describes the pain that comes from spasticity, the MS hug, and dysthesias and how sometimes, just being touched is enough to make her want to scream. Read here.

You Know You Have MS When

Our own community shared how pain is one of the first things that came to mind when given the prompt, “You know you have MS when _______.” See how people like you describe their MS pain as well as the other signs and symptoms! Read here.

The Psychology of Living With Chronic Pain

Pain doesn’t just affect the physical body. The psychological effect of constantly being in pain isn’t something that everyone understands. Stephanie dives into the the impact of chronic pain on mental health and some effective coping mechanisms. Read here.

How Are You?

The question “how are you?” is usually quite loaded for those with MS when they are almost always physically in pain or experiencing other awful symptoms. Most people don’t seem to really want to know the true answer to that question, so people with MS often answer “I’m fine,” even when they’re not. Marc wrote an article to address his response to the common question. Read here.

MS... What's It Like?

Some friends and family might ask what MS is really like in order to try to better understand. Ashley takes a stab at answering that question and describing the nerve pain, fatigue, and cog-fog that characterize her personal experiences. Read here.

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Experiencing pain day in and day out is draining, especially if your doctor doesn’t take it seriously! If you’re ever unhappy with the care you receive, it’s important to seek out second opinions or even see a pain management specialist to address pain as a symptom by itself. Discussing treatment for pain with your healthcare team should always be the first step, but there are other complementary treatments that can help.

Complementary treatments

Sticking Point - MS and Acupuncture

Laura shares her experiences with acupuncture and how it has helped with her MS pain related to muscle spasms and muscle fatigue while also answering questions like “does it hurt?” and “is it covered by insurance?” Read here.

Massage And MS: Managing Symptoms and Improving Quality Of Life

Cathy describes overcoming her preconceived notion that massages were just a luxury for the wealthy and realizing how helpful they can be for stress, pain, and muscle tension. Read here.

Have you found success with any complementary treatments for MS pain? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below to help out others in the community!

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