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The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America is proud to introduce the latest edition of The Motivator, available now in both print and digital editions! This edition’s cover story, “Planning for Your Future,” defines the legal and financial decisions and documents that you need to consider when planning for the future, particularly when living with a chronic condition.

Planning for Your Future from MSAA's The Motivator magazine

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For individuals with a chronic illness, or those with a family member with a chronic illness, advance planning becomes even more vital and more specified. Extra attention needs to be given to the typical symptoms and progression of one’s disease. As most of our readers know, multiple sclerosis (MS) is unpredictable. With relapsing forms of MS, it can flare up and leave someone unable to function for weeks or months at a time. Often, but not always, the relapse may remit and allow the individual to return to his or her full activities. For individuals with progressive forms of MS, one’s disease may advance at a slow pace, without flare ups, while others may experience a more aggressive form of the disease. Additionally, the symptoms of MS vary greatly, from numbness, visual changes, reduced mobility, and pain, to depression, cognitive problems, and overwhelming fatigue.

As noted throughout this article, these specific symptoms and anticipated disease progression will need to be taken into consideration when creating important legal documents that serve to: specify medical directives; appoint people to handle one’s legal, financial, and medical decisions; allocate how one’s estate is to be distributed, having family or other benefactors who may bequeath you money include a special needs or so-called supplemental needs trust for oneself; and even provide emergency medical information as well as temporary guardianship of a minor in the absence or temporary disability of a parent.

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