Reading MS: What About You?

A person in my department at work was talking to me, excited that a scholarly article he wrote and had published, was in the top ten of a particular, well-known and respected publisher’s most read list for 2014.  He was so excited that he placed #6 on the list and 1,800 downloads had been done of this particular article since it was published two years ago.

His comments  got me thinking about the number of views, downloads and shares we get here on and how each and every one of us writers easily exceed that number with each article that is posted.  Without a doubt, there are a lot more people with MS interested in reading our words than academic types who might want to read a scholarly topic, but it still got me thinking about you, the reading audience.

It’s clear some MS articles here are of more interest and generate more comments and feedback than others.  I love it when I see new  comments posted on my articles because it gives me a chance to better connect with each of you.  There are so many more of you who read our thoughts, but don’t write your reaction to our words, either here on the site or on our Facebook page.

The nice thing about writing for is there are no rules or formula we are asked to follow.  Each of us has our own particular story with MS and how we share that through our articles is left up to us and I’m sure is very apparent to you as you read our stories.  I’ve always loved to write, and that might come through in what I share here.  I tend to mix it up on topics and although I like to write about my personal experiences, I seem to write more articles meant to education and this reflects that I have worked in education for 25 years.
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Just as it is for my co-worker and his article, I like to know the audience and why they want to read what I have written. And this brings me to the larger question – what is it we do here at  that brings you back to read more?

Are you interested in the research or the human interest stories?

Does it make a difference when we write about the latest drug studies  that give a look into the future treatment of MS?

Or do you prefer  the tips on daily living to improve quality of life?

Some of you share links to our articles via our Facebook page,  and I always wonder who are you sharing with?  Is it family and friends?  Do you ever read an article on that you send on to your doctor so you can ask more questions and discuss the topic?  Or perhaps you are linked to other MS group sites or in person support groups and you might be sharing our articles within those groups.

I’m just full of questions and would love to hear more about what you like to read here at and what you do with that information.  Would you care to share?

Wishing you well,


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