Research Opportunity-MS and Cognitive Style

My name is Maria Adelita and I am a doctor that due to been diagnosed with MS had to change careers. During this transition, I started providing MS information to the Hispanic community and the MS community in general. I realized then that I needed to learn more about how to educate the person to make informed decisions. Today, I am an honors doctorate of education candidate at Northcentral University, Arizona, USA.

I am currently conducting research on the role that cognitive style of persons with MS (or the role of the way the brain process information) may have on learning performance and perception of online learning in two websites offering the latest information on MS treatment with different applications of online technology.

We believe that this project is important because it will provide evidence on the possible role that the cognitive style of person with MS whose disease place them at high risk of cognitive impairment have on learning performance and perception of online learning in correlation with online instructional designs. This evidence can build on existing instructional principles to design effective guidelines for people with MS, especially when new technologies are introduced.

We also believe participating in this research is beneficial, because the person can benefit from receiving the latest information on MS treatment in one place with the potential empowerment associated with learning new material.

To participate, you must be older than 18 years, have MS, and have access to Internet connection, as the study and the questionnaires are online.

Participation in this study requires:

Completing a questionnaire to determine the participant’s cognitive style (takes around 10 minutes to answer it) and a MS Knowledge questionnaire;
Reviewing the website, Deciphering MS Treatment, with the latest information on MS treatments;
Complete another MS Knowledge questionnaire and provide your experience with the website you were allocated randomly for the study.
Please follow the link below to find out more information about participating in this research!

Information website:

Your support in this research would be appreciated greatly!

Thank you,

Dr. María A. Reyes-Velarde (researcher) and Dr. C. Jerome Fore (dissertation chairperson)

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