There Should Be Rules to This

There’s a familiar adage commonly used to indicate when a series of (normally unfortunate) events occur one after the other, or worse, simultaneously. That adage is: “It's always something” - and indeed, it seems that's accurate. Prime example: here I am, battling a chronic, unpredictable, degenerative disease as a single mother of two, dealing with having to involuntarily medically retire from a job I loved, and having to depend on others for a myriad of abilities MS has claimed from me. Yet, life doesn't stop, and the everyday ‘stuff’ of varying degrees continue to transpire.

I'm a strong, optimistic and resilient woman

Admittedly, not always due to wanting or having to be, but rather because it's a learned behavior perhaps from watching my parents, their siblings and parents, or perhaps it's innate, simply what is within me, what I'm made of, I consider myself a pretty strong, optimistic and resilient woman.

All the things we deal with

Dealing with a host of difficulties related to Multiple Sclerosis? Progression, as in worsening of and/or newly developed symptoms, of the same? Troubles at work - especially due to injury or disease? Trying to decide the right DMD and other prescriptions? Pain, spasticity, itching, burning, etc.? All while still encountering the other situations life can present? I've determined it isn't a bad idea to want to implement a ‘rule’ or two for a tad of relief from such a living whirlwind.

Rule #1: One at a time!

There can only be an issue at a time with a two-week break (or more) in between. Example: You're having trouble getting money to pay for a medication. Once settled and received, a new issue cannot arise until two weeks later - at the least!

Rule #2: Making plans

Plans can be made up to three weeks in advance with no fear of illness or exacerbations rearing their ugly heads. For example: Go ahead and RSVP that you will attend the employer’s holiday party - with confidence that you'll be feeling just fine and with no other hindrances.

Rule #3: Adverse life situations and MS shouldn't overlap

Should you receive an MS diagnosis, all adverse situations should immediately cease. Or, in turn, should you be in the midst of adverse situations or a busy season in your life, MS should be sent away. As in far, far away. Period.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned rules are ‘funny/not funny’, but the following two rules are very real. They can and should be complied with to make a whirlwind life manageable.

Rule #4. Take one day, one moment at a time

Although many like to view the ‘big picture, that can be overwhelming. Prioritize your nuances and tackle one at a time. Something or someone may have to wait, but you can only do what you can do.

Rule #5. Steer clear of the pits

Yes, things may look irrepressible, but being alive means that you have conquered another moment, hour, day and even if you think ‘now how did I get through that?,’ just recognize that you did and give yourself the credit you deserve. Use that credit to stay encouraged, focused and positive. It's needed to keep your head in the game,

There's another adage that says "when it rains, it pours". Rules one, two and three would be great but are sadly unrealistic. However, hopefully, rules four and five will be your ‘umbrella’.

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