Seven Gifts That Can Help You Enjoy the Holiday Season

When December rolls around I find myself feeling joyful, anxious, happy and nervous. There’s so much to do that I’m sometimes overwhelmed.

Let’s begin with birthdays. December I have the great joy of celebrating my son and husband whose birthdays are seven days apart. They are my heart and my life and I’m truly blessed to spend two special days celebrating them.

Then there’s Christmas, my late father’s birthday. His name was Herbert so our family called the day Herbmas. This will be our first one without him. He passed away in August and this Herbmas would have been his 90th. It will be a sad day for us, something we need to get through both together and alone, but I will also celebrate the extraordinary life he lived and the legacy of love and honor he left behind. I love and miss you, Dad.

December has different meanings for everyone

Whether you’re like me with a whole gamut of human emotion, or you feel anything from merry to depressed, this month is particularly important to take care of your health.

This is the month to take special care of YOU.

There are gifts we give ourselves and gifts we receive from others. Spend time now to think of ways you can take care of your health while enjoying the holiday season.

Simple gift ideas

Here are a few ideas. These are gifts to give yourself or ask from others. They are simple, less expensive and all will help you celebrate the season:

Coloring - A box of beautifully colored pencils and a coloring book - A great way to clear your mind and de-stress.

Gift cards - Amazon, movie theaters, Barnes & Noble, Lyft, Uncommon Goods, Target, Trader Joe’s or other local food stores, QVC or HSN.

Feels so good  - Gift certificate for a massage, yoga classes, meditation classes, Reiki, manicure/pedicure or a facial.

Simple - A warm scarf/hat/gloves, cushy yoga mat, luxuriant hand or body lotion, brightly colored Post-It notes for those reminders we always need, comfy and warm socks, luxury soaps, a beautifully handled hairbrush, a new jewelry box, an acupressure mat or a heated blanket.

Music - Music is very personal. Listen to your favorites. Play songs on youtube, your TV music station, a CD player or even a record player. (If you had to ask someone about that last one you are a sweet, young person!) Sounds of the season make me happy. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sung by Burl Ives, The Christmas Song sung by Nat King Cole, and many other classics make me think of baking holiday cookies and lighting a fire. Choose your own music and play away. Music is a great way to soothe your soul.

Loneliness - I recently read a thread on Facebook where a few women were discussing what they do when they feel a little down and lonely. A few said they throw potluck lunch or dinner parties and invite their neighborhood. Others said they meet people through Meetup groups and others joined networking groups. Support groups are a great way to meet others in the MS community. Being alone for a month of holidays (or any month) is not fun. Be creative to find ways to meet others and celebrate together.

Adoption - Anyone who knows me knows I have to add this. Adopt a pet from a no-kill shelter. There are countless animals in need of a loving, caring forever home. Go to your nearest animal shelter or check out to find a list of available pets. I guarantee unconditional love and a warm, fuzzy kiss. There’s nothing better than adopting a furry friend.

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