Community Conversations: Sex, Relationships, and MS

We know that romantic relationships and intimacy have a very real impact on emotional health. Share your story in our easy and anonymous polls, and raise your voice about what you want more of in the MS community!

Everyone's experience varies. Which topics would benefit you?

Everyone's different in how much support they need. Do you find what you're looking for when it comes to sexual health and relationships?

It’s not always easy to bring up intimate topics. How’s your communication with your partner(s) around intimate topics?

No one feels sexy and confident all the time, but MS can add a big layer of self-consciousness. Has MS affected your self-esteem?

Sometimes you’ve gotta get creative or try new things. Has anything changed in the way you think about sex and intimacy since diagnosis?

Chronic illness may affect one's desire to have sex. Is this the case for you?

Everyone has a different relationship with their doc, and docs have different comfort levels about sex and intimacy. Have you ever brought up the subject with your docs?

Thanks for sharing!

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