Your Voice Matters: Join Voices of MS

We believe the voices and personal experiences of people living with chronic conditions are the most important voices in healthcare – which is why we sometimes work with client sponsors to conduct market research.

We feel that these opportunities are an important way to help companies understand what life with MS is really like and incorporate YOUR feedback into their decisions. We also understand that your time and effort are valuable. Each of these opportunities provides an incentive for participation.

What is Voices of MS?

Voices of MS is a way to receive exclusive or early access opportunities to participate in paid market research.

To ensure you receive emails about opportunities that are most relevant to you, we have just a few questions about your MS experiences. These questions should take less than 5 minutes of your time. Once you complete and submit this brief survey, you will be subscribed to receive Voices of MS emails about paid market research opportunities for which you may qualify.

Have questions about Voices of MS?

Check out some common questions below.

Will my email and contact information be given to researchers?

In most cases, Health Union (the company that owns and operates will be conducting these research studies with our own team of market research and insights professionals, on behalf of sponsors or partners. Health Union/ will NEVER share or sell any personally identifiable information (including email addresses) of any community member or individual participant to a sponsor or partner without specific permission to do so. Learn more about our privacy policy.

How often will I receive Voices of MS emails?

We will email you about Voices of MS opportunities as they arise – which means some weeks you may hear from us a few times about market research opportunities and other weeks not at all.

Am I required to participate in research studies if I sign up?

Participation is completely optional. You decide which ones you want to respond to!

I already receive the emails. Do I still need to sign up for Voices of MS?

You may have already opted in to receive general email communications from but you must also opt-in to’s Voices of MS list for these additional opportunities.

What happens if I no longer want to receive research invitations?

You can unsubscribe from Voices of MS emails at any time. To do so, click the link to unsubscribe at the bottom of a Voices of MS email or send an email to Please note that if you are subscribed to receive newsletters, you may still receive occasional emails regarding research opportunities

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