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It’s finally here –not just any book, but a book about MS, written by people who know Multiple Sclerosis the best – patients and caregivers. Last year, a creative writers group named We Write for the Fight (WWFTF), who just happen to have MS, met online through the NMSS patient website and starting brainstorming “what if” ….  and out of their thoughts and leadership,  Something On Our Minds: An Anthology to Benefit the NMSS, was born.   Never mind that WWFTF sounds like people who should be wrestling in a cage fight on Saturday night – which is pretty close to the battle people living with MS face everyday.

Creative writers across the country contributed poems, essays and short stories to add to the collection.  They were lovingly put together under the talented editing of Tracy Todd and Sean Mahoney. The result,Something on Our Minds, is now available for sale, with ALL of the proceeds going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The book makes for good reading for yourself and an even better gift if you want to share the thoughts of people with MS with others. It is exciting to open a book and see my work included among the writings of so many others, but it has been an even better feeling as I gave copies to my mother, my writing mentors and my neurologist.  I haven’t yet heard from my doctor, but my writing coaches love the real voices in the book, and of course my mom especially likes my pieces.

The organizers/editors wisely kept the cost affordable for everyone to buy a copy of two and it can be found through either of these links-    or at

I’m not writing this to just promote book sales  – although I would love to see this book generate a lot of money for NMSS.  I am also excited to let creative writers know that we are collecting submissions for the 2nd Annual Volume of Something On Our Minds. You don’t have to be a professional writer – just someone with a poem, short story or essay to share.

Are you interested in joining  We Write for The Fight?  You can find the details on how to submit your writing for consideration to be included in Volume 2 at

I would especially like to  add a big thank-you to the folks at for helping us spread the news about Something On Our Minds and your opportunity to be in the next volume.  Now pick up your pen or warm up the keyboard and start writing and join the fight!

Wishing you well,


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