The MS Playlist: Songs And Stories About Us

There are songs about everything, and with today’s technological advances we have the ability to create incredible song lists to accompany various moments of our lives. Are you taking a walk? Create a song list for that. Are you planning on getting some exercise? Put together an exercise song list for that.

Can you believe that in my research I even found (gulp) song lists for going to the bathroom? I remember songs to help toddlers learn to poop on the potty, but I never considered a bathroom song list for adults. Hmm.

So I began to think about using songs to describe the life of someone living with MS. Are there songs about fatigue, numbness and tingling, depression or dizziness? If I were a songwriter I’d write a slew of songs for us. Since I’m not, I began searching for songs to make our very own song list. The MSers song list. It could be used as a way to spread awareness about what we face every day.

I couldn’t find songs to specifically describe what we struggle with. So, in lieu of that, grab your sense of humor and allow me to outline the beginning of a song list that slightly suggests a tiny bit of how the MS community feels.

Go easy on me! It’s far from perfect. Here goes:

I’m So Tired (Written and sung by John Lennon, 1968)

I’m so tired I haven’t slept a wink,
I’m so tired my mind is on the blink,
I wonder if I should get up and fix myself a drink.
No, no, no.

I’m So Dizzy (by Tommy Roe, 1969)

I’m so dizzy,
My head is spinning.
Like a whirlpool it never ends.

Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart (by Johnny Cash, 1968)

I’ve been washed down the sink of your conscience,
In the theater of your love I lost my part,
And now you say you’ve got me out of your conscience,
I’ve been flushed from the bathroom of your heart.

Be OK (by Ingrid Michaelson, 2008)

Open me up and you will see,
I’m a gallery of broken hearts.
I’m beyond repair, let me be,
And give me back my broken parts.

I just want to know today, know today, know today,
I just want to know something today.
I just want to know today, know today, know today,
Know that maybe I will be ok.

Five for Fighting: Superman (It’s Not Easy, 2000)

I can’t stand to fly; I’m not that naïve.
I’m just out to find, the better part of me.
I wish that I could cry, fall upon my knees.
Find a way to lie, ‘bout a home I’ll never see.

It may sound absurd, but don’t be naïve.
Even heroes have the right to bleed.
I may be disturbed, but won’t you concede.
Even heroes have the right to dream.

And it’s not easy to be me.

The next song was written about a daughter, but I believe sons also feel this way about their parents. I know mine does.

In My Daughter’s Eyes (Martina McBride, written by James Slater, 2003)

In my daughter’s eyes I am a hero.
I am strong and wise and I know no fear.
But the truth is plain to see, she was sent to rescue me.
I see who I wanna be in my daughter’s eyes.

In my daughter’s eyes everyone is equal.
Darkness turns to light and the world is at peace.
This miracle G-d gave to me gives me strength when I am weak.

I find reason to believe.

I’ll end this song list with one of my favorites songs. It’s by Paul Simon and he was writing about his tarnished view on idealism. You can’t forever be blessed. It’s a gorgeous, sad and honest song that’s always on my play list.

American Tune (by Paul Simon 1975)

I don’t know a soul who’s not been battered,
I don’t have a friend who feels at ease,
I don’t know a dream that’s not been shattered,
Or driven to its knees.

Oh, but it’s all right, it’s all right.
For we lived so well so long.
Still when I think of the road we’re traveling on,
I wonder what went wrong.
I can’t help it; I wonder what’s gone wrong.

What songs would you add to the MS playlist?

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