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Last updated: May 2019

I've just received my frightening diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. My mother is by my side - loving, sympathetic and yet, forever ‘dealing in bottom lines’. She immediately begins to render maternal counsel in her evenly smooth, almost melodic, voice of reason. Slowly, but surely, I find myself calming (a wee bit) and an excerpt from the Serenity Prayer comes to mind.
“... God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference…”
Background music: No Weapon by Fred Hammond

A winter evening

It's a chilly, winter evening. Snuggled under my warm blanket with a good book, I drink a nice hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows. The warmth of the liquid feels soothing as it goes down nice and smooth...warming me from the inside out.
Background music: Baby, It's Cold Outside by Frank Loesser

A bright, sunny day

Sitting on the porch enjoying a bright, sunny Spring day offering the mildest of temperatures. Soft breezes ruffle the bush of vibrant green leaves on trees that stand tall and proud designing front lawns. How refreshing and light is my mood on such a brilliantly amazing day. Background music:
Lovely Day by Bill Withers

A sizzling summer day

It's a sizzling, hot summer day. The kind which almost guarantees those sudden evening storms that bring a smidgen of relief from scorching temperatures. I drink a tall, cold glass of iced tea filled with cubed ice. Ahhhh… The chill of the frosty liquid provides a brief reprieve from the searing afternoon heat.
Background music:
Summertime by Will Smith

Date night

Date night and my beau is visiting for the evening. Over glasses of champagne and strawberries, there's the exchange of light, flirtatious banter. The titillating ambiance is romantically charged.
Background music:
Seems Like You're Ready by R. Kelly

Girls night out

It's time for annual 'sister night' - a celebratory occasion when my 4 sisters and I, (ScottysAngelz), spend an evening of togetherness. I carefully select one of my cutest outfits complete with coordinating accessories and shoes... anxiously anticipating the sibling outing sure to be full of fun, laughter... and pics! I'm feeling excited from the inside out.
Background music:
We Are Family by Sister Sledge

A relaxing day

Nothing to do on a relaxing type of day.. the kids are doing their own thing, chores are completed, the phone's not ringing, nothing interesting on social media. I pull out my photo album and spend time perusing and reminiscing the special family moments shared over the years. Background music:
Make Yours A Happy Home by Gladys Knight and the Pips

A soundtrack to keep me sunny

Everyday is not shining and bright, literally and figuratively.. And I find there’s nothing like good music as a great mood booster. Hence, my very own ‘soundtrack’ to keep me ‘sunny’! Background music:
I Got Sunshine by Avery Sunshine

🎵"...I see a brighter day in view
Don't you miss it for the hell you're going through
Ain't nothing gonna keep me blue
Listen 'cause I know I got

I got sunshine on my mind
I got sunshine all the time
I got sunshine everywhere I'm going I want you to know
I got sunshine when it hurts
And when nothing seems to work
I got sunshine
Do you see the sun shine...?”🎵

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