Our own Stephanie Butler's TEDx Talk!

We at MultipleSclerosis.net are thrilled to share our very own Stephanie Butler's incredible TEDx Talk!

TEDx Talks are renowned for providing audiences around the world with incredible, well-formed ideas in a small amount of time - less than 18 minutes, to be exact. The purpose is to share new ideas, inventions, or compelling new perspectives in a short yet powerful presentation. It is with great pride that we share about one of our contributors, Stephanie, recently giving such a presentation at the TEDxHerndon 2015 conference.

Stephanie is an MS nurse as well as patient with RRMS. She is also a self-described fitness enthusiast, science nerd, and eternal optimist. After being diagnosed with RRMS she realized that she could use her experiences as a patient to make a difference in the lives of others. It's clear that she's both passionate and effective in these pursuits, as once can clearly see in her amazing TEDx Talk! We are proud to have Stephanie as one of our contributors here on the site, writing articles on such topics as: the ins and outs of neurological examsMS "life hacks", tips for being successful in school, activism and MS, the psychology of living with chronic painnew research findings, and the incurable informative MS 101 series.

We think you will enjoy her hope-filled, incredibly inspiring story in this TEDx Talk. Kudos, and thank you for all you do, Stephanie! Keep thriving!

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