Subscription Boxes & Self-Care: Taking Time for Yourself

At the risk of being called vain or shallow, I am going to speak my truth. My form of self-care is a bit different than many. The term self-care brings up visions of healthy eating or exercise or meditation. All of these are activities that are good for the mind and body. And I practice these. Yet, they don’t feel indulgent and just for me. Self-care needn’t always be serious.

Incorporating skincare and makeup into my self-care routine

Often other options like massages are mentioned as nice things to do to take care of oneself. Then, I noticed something interesting: the subject of makeup and skincare products was never mentioned. It was as if those things were not self-care, but self-centered vanity on display. I wanted a way to enjoy luxurious products with limited funds and no commitment.

Trying out subscription boxes for self-care on a budget

If you are not familiar, subscription boxes are monthly curated items shipped to your home. There are nearly 100 subscription boxes from which to choose. The choices are dizzying! Anything you can think of has a subscription box. Do you like socks? There is a box for that. Candles? A box for that, too. Socks? Foreign snacks? Beef jerky? All of them have at least one company with a subscription box. Boxes can fit almost any budget from $7 a month and up.

Beauty and skincare subscriptions

Once I stepped into the world of subscription boxes, I knew there was no coming back. I was hooked on my first try. When that first black-and-white striped Sephora Play! box arrived, it was over. I was instantly in love. Instantly in love with surprise boxes showing up. Before I knew what happened, I was subscribed to 4 different beauty and skincare boxes.

Waiting in anticipation each month

Each box held a sense of mystery. What is in this one? Is it a new trial size product or an old favorite? While I can easily get spoilers months ahead of time, I usually wait. I enjoy the anticipation of wondering what’s inside. Even disappointments are blunted by the knowledge that I can share the items I cannot use.

Physical reminders that it's okay to take time for myself

How is this self-care? For me, beauty and skincare items are permission for me to be nice to myself. Unlike a reminder in my calendar, I cannot ignore a physical item in my possession waiting to be used. It is like a silent song from the sea. Each sample size scrub, mask, and mascara seem to call my name. They will not be ignored. In that way, I am unable to ignore the practice of self-care. These little things are a visual reminder to me that it is OK to take time for myself. That it is OK for me to do something that others will call frivolous.

Self-care isn't selfish

Now each month I look forward to 5 different beauty box subscriptions. I feel as much joy opening them now as I did almost 3 years ago. Each box is a visual reminder to myself that taking care of myself is not selfish and something that I MUST do. If you want to dip into the world of subscription boxes, please do and let me know what you have chosen! is an amazing resource for all sorts of subscription boxes. If you check it out, you will find a box for you and join me in subscription box self-care.

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