Summer Event Planning

So it’s Summer time, the sun is out, kids are out of school (don’t pull your hair out), people are planning get a together, parties, weddings, etc. I don’t know about you, but I can’t handle ALL the events going on in the Summer time.

I think that how we plan to do things during the summer, all depends on where we live. You can live somewhere where the weather isn’t unbearably hot and feel great, well… I’m jealous of you!

As you all know, I live in Central Texas. Needless to say, it’s not easy being outside for a long period of time. The heat in general just seems to make my fatigue even worse, even though I didn’t think that was possible at times.

So, the big question is… With all these events going on that we’re invited to go to, how do we do it?

Okay, so all of us are different with how we live w/ MS, where we live, etc. But I’m just going to give you an insight on how I personally plan on attending events during the Summer.

If someone says, hey we’re going to have a BBQ, come on over and hang out with us. My first question is, will there be water (pool, lake, river). Which, most people know to bring this information up to me when inviting me in the first place.

I tend to spread out my time spent at events during the summer. It all depends on what kind of event it is like, a friendly get together or a wedding.

I like to plan ahead of time and get as many details as I can before the event. Like I stated before, will there be water to cool off in? Or is it going to be indoors/close to air-conditioning? Will there be places to rest or is it constant standing?

This is SO different from how things were for me pre-diagnosis. I used to be like, “Okay I’ll come, what do I need to bring and what should I wear?” Now, there are a list of things that need to be addressed before attending.

When it comes to weddings… well here in Texas, a lot of people just wear nice jeans and cowboy boots, but I know that’s not the case for most. If I have to attend something that requires a bit more fancy clothing, I go for lightweight clothing, that still look nice. Sometimes it’s not the difference in pants to skirt, but the weight/thickness of it and material. I always wear comfy shoes, like flip-flops during the summer, but when needing to be more formal… I find a classier looking flip-flop. Some people wonder why I’m in flip-flops all the time…

Well, for one, heels and me are not friends. We never have been and never will be. I already trip over flat surfaces walking barefoot; can you imagine my clumsiness in heels? Especially at a formal event… I would end up on YouTube or something of when I fell, for people to laugh at.

So to make it simple… I have some ‘rules’ that I go by for attending summer events, or events in general.

  1. Check the weather
  2. Where is it being held?
  3. Will I be able to sit down when needed?
  4. Do I need to bring cooling products?
  5. Can I attend wearing comfortable clothing?
  6. I also make sure that I don’t plan on attending events close to one another.

Something I found that is much easier on me… is having people over at my house. I know this isn’t possible for everyone, but it is the easiest on me, personally. I’m known as a homebody. Well, it’s true. Not because I don’t like leaving my house… but because it’s easier to be at home.

If I do leave my house to go to an event, it’s easier on me if it’s not too far from my house, so I can go home if I need to. I always have a plan set in place with my husband, friends and/or family if I need to go home. I don’t want to make my whole family leave if they’re having a good time, just because I need to go home.

I think one of the things that bother me the most; I have to bring a large purse with me to carry medicines that I might need. And of course, since I’m a master at forgetting things, I usually forget a medication or something.

Oh and if I’m attending an event that begins early, I try and get everything together the night before. Doing as much as I can the night before really helps out, so that I’m not extremely fatigued by the time I get to the event.

Anyways, I just thought I would share my thoughts on this… Hope y’all enjoy (and can relate).


Ashley Ringstaff

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