Take Ten: Ways to Make the Day Better

Whether you have multiple sclerosis or not, it is way too easy to get into a routine that seems never ending. Here are my ten ways to take the chance to change the day and make it better.

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath as if your life depends on it, because it does. We have to take in air and our lungs get lazy at the job so take that really deep breath that expands your rib cage and makes your lungs work. Those deep breaths are also excellent ways to relax if done slowly – give it a try and see what it does for you. Now try several deep breaths and see how much better you feel already.

Take a break

Working at anything in a continuous way tires us, so take a break. It doesn’t have to be a long one, just stop the task at hand for a moment or two... You might be cooking dinner or working in the yard. Even reading a book is tiring after a while and a break feels good. The pause that refreshes may be a soft drink slogan but it should also be a regular part of our work flow.

Take your time.

Everyone is in a hurry, right? Keeping up at their pace is impossible for me, so I just take my time.  There is no rushing left in me.

Take care of yourself.

We do that all the time, right? We feed, bathe and clothe ourselves and take our meds but I’m not talking about that kind of care. Do something kind for yourself – it might be paint your fingernails or have a second dip of ice cream. You deserve a bit of extra pampering, so why not do it today

Take a walk

Or a ride. Change it up and get out of your home for a short bit. Moods can slump pretty low if we continue to see the same four walls all the time. If you take that walk, you get bonus points for exercise, which will elevate our mood.

Take a look around

What do you see? We get so accustomed to our surroundings and routines we often don’t stop and see what may have changed. Spotting the dust that has accumulated since the last time you cleaned doesn’t count. Take a good look and appreciate what you see.

Take care of it

Whatever it might be, we all have something hanging around that we procrastinate dealing with or finishing. It might be returning the overdue book to the library or scrubbing the toilet. It is the thing that weighs on you and reminds you over and over you are lagging on a task or obligation. Just do it – take care of it today so it won’t be there tomorrow.

Take on the world

Sounds pretty ambitious for one day, doesn’t it? The world is much smaller these days and there are plenty of ways to tackle it. Want to change it? Write a letter or send an email to your congressman or your town mayor about an issue of importance to you. Not one for political activism? Then take on the world and teach yourself a new language – how about a word a day? You may never be able to travel abroad and speak fluently learning just one word a day, but you might still have fun when you learn to ask where the closest toilet is in a different language.

Take hold of a new idea

Let your imagination run free – read that recipe online and imagine yourself in the kitchen preparing it for yourself or guests. Better yet, imagine your friends preparing it for you! Think of ways to improve that equipment you use to get around. Think about things that need improved and imagine new ideas to fix the problem.

Take off

Take off work. Take off the afternoon. Take off for a trip. Take off your clothes. The possibilities are endless. Even just take off for a quick break to get outdoors to take a few deep breaths (see #1 above!) When we take off we are doing something different. And different is almost always good, right?

Don’t ever doubt that you have what it takes – now take charge of your life, at least for today.

Wishing you well,


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