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Take That

So… I just got amazing news… Let me start off by saying that on every MRI report I’ve gotten since I was diagnosed, I have had some sort of progression and/or new lesions or inflamed lesions that were already there.

Well… I got my MRI results today and I have NO NEW LESIONS! YAYYYYY!

Okay – I’m doing a happy dance right now I’m that excited!

So let me just go on to say how I accomplished this milestone. I’m on Tysabri… that’s about it. I take Tysabri every 6 weeks because I am JCV Positive and my JCV index is monitored closely.

Now I’ve had people message me on Facebook and Twitter or commenting on my blogs… asking if I have do anything ‘special’ to stay mobile and fight my MS. So I’m going to do a big answering session right now.

Am I on a specific diet? Yes… I’m on the SEE food diet. I eat what I want. Not to mention I’m a southern girl, so red meat is a big part of my diet. And that I’m a female… I love chocolate also. As you know in the South everything is better fried… so I do love my fried foods.

Now, I just want to state that I’m not in anyway suggesting any type of diet or medicine for anyone to do. I’m just informing everyone of my lifestyle. With that being said… I do try and eat healthy, but I don’t restrict myself from what I do like to eat and/or drink. And I love my sweet tea, just sayin’.

Now when it comes to that awful question we get at the doctors office… do you smoke nicotine, do you drink? Why yes, yes I do. I know shame on me, put me in time out. I don’t drink on a daily basis, let me just say that and I don’t drink heavily. Yes I smoke daily… and I’ve tried to quit and it led to me having anxiety attacks. Yeah I know, an excuse and I’m weak, but whatever. It’s my life.

I am not someone to judge others or tell them how they should live their life… and I don’t listen to people when they try and tell me how to live mine. Yes I will listen to people’s advice, as long as it’s coming from a good place and not a ‘snarky’ one.

I can honestly say that I don’t even want to think about where I would be right now had I not been taking medication. Yes I’ve changed medications a bit – but it’s all about finding what works for that one person.

Another question I get is, do I exercise regularly? Well – what do you count as exercise? Let me just say that I have two active kids (both boys) and 5 dogs…and a husband, who can count as a kid at times. (love ya babe) So do I have a routine exercise plan? No… but I am active.

The only thing I do on a routine basis is seeing a chiropractor. I just went this morning actually… and I am going to get back into getting massages.

Another question, do I need assistive devices? At times yes I do but not on a regular basis. I have been in a wheelchair and needed it on a daily basis but I tried VERY hard and completed many therapies in order to regain mobility.

This blog is not in any way trying to rub it in anyone’s face about my accomplishment with my MS. Because it has not been an easy journey that I’ve been down and after 4 years, I finally received some positive news.

This blog is me sharing my current thoughts but to also let others know not to give up. I know at times it would be easier to just throw in the towel… but a small accomplishment in this battle can mean the world to us. Also, this is also intended to let everyone know that they don’t need to be pushed into doing things. Live your life the way you are most comfortable with because at the end of the day it is YOUR life to live.

Oh and by the way – this is my favorite song to listen to at the moment. To just shake off all the negative judgments and words I receive from outsiders. (It’s not the original video… but I’m a Texas Aggie… so I just had to share their version)

Shake It Off

After watching that video… don’t you think we should make a Shake It Off (MS Version)?? lol


Ashley Ringstaff

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  • vivi
    5 years ago

    Hello Ashley. You mentioned that you smoke. So do I. My Physician told me that I have vascular insufficiency along with the MS. He told me I had to quit smoking.I asked him how he was going to treat it. He said, “You will see a big difference when you stop smoking.”. Now, I try to be compliant with everything. However, I asked him if people who don’t smoke get vascular insufficiency and he said yes. So I asked him how he treated them? He really got upset with that question. I now take an Adult Aspirin every morning. I found that there is a very strong bias against smokers. If they would prefer that I be on more narcotics to control my nerves(not the ones that cause the discomfort) but the ones that keep me sane to endure all the other problems. And of course PAY FOR THEM AS WELL!!! I am trying to quit. However, I am so busy trying to walk, trying to keep myself from going crazy with the discomfort that I endure everyday. Just saying. I pray for all of us who deal with this illness everyday of our lives. Love and Blessings to All.

  • Ashley Ringstaff moderator author
    5 years ago

    Yes – I have transitioned for the most part to the vapor cigarette. This way it’s less ‘chemicals’ – but I only live once ya know, I’m not going to go by the book on everything that needs to be done that is recommended by doctors. I love my food and I will eat healthy but I will have goodies when I want.

    It’s just so much going on at once – then they tell us to just stop smoking, like it’s honestly that easy, to just stop. ugh

  • Amy B Mel
    5 years ago

    Hi Ashley, I love love this! I am seeing a friend next week that has a book or article from another friend to share with me on how to exercise with MS. I’m taking a deep breathe (already ha)…ironically this women has Parkinsons. Of course she is in her own battle and just trying to be “helpful”….sigh….I will try and be as gracious as I can. AND I WILL think of you! Your words always give me a lift! Be well


  • Ashley Ringstaff moderator author
    5 years ago


    Deep breath in, then let it out lol

    I know that some people genuinely want to help, but we have to WANT to do things on our own first, if that makes sense. If anything, take the information with a smile & then once you’re back home, do what YOU want about it 😉

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