There ARE Upsides to Having a Poor Memory

One of my worst symptoms of multiple sclerosis is my cognitive issues or my difficulty thinking. I have a hard time with basic problem solving now; it takes me a long time to piece basic thoughts together. But more specifically is my memory; it’s horrible! And not just “long-term” memory, I will think “What time is it?” and I will pull my phone out of my pocket to check. I unlock my phone and then find myself standing there just staring at it thinking, “Ok, what was I doing? Why am I looking at my phone?” and about a minute minute later I remember “Oh yeah, the time, the thing I am staring at in big bold letters”.

I can go on and on about a million different things that my poor memory does to make life difficult but instead, I want to talk about some of the good things that have come of this (that feels weird to say). “Look at the bright side” right? And I am not talking about things I can now joke about like “I walked all the way upstairs and I have no idea what for… well… at least I worked my legs out a bit”. No, I am talking about things that are literally a genuine upside to me.

One of my favorites has to do with watching movies. The other day I came downstairs and my Dad was watching a movie on TV. I noticed the actor James McAvoy was in it, the guy who plays Charles Xavier in the newer X-men series. I like him so I sat down and began to watch. I was trying to figure out what was going on when he used some sort of mind power and I thought, “Wow, really? Another role where the same guy who plays Xavier also has mind powers?” But I kept watching trying to figure out what movie this was, it looked good! Then a bunch of metal barbed wire fencing started taking out the bad guys, Magneto??? This clearly was X-Men movie! But I have seen them all! Did I seriously miss one of the movies that was part of a series that I am a big fan of? So I kept watching thinking this was some new movie to me that I must have somehow missed; come to find out, this was a movie I had seen many times before but I had no recollections of many of the scenes, so for me? It was like seeing it for the first time! Watching this “old” movie was now like watching a “new” movie! Thanks MS memory!

Similarly is how I can now watch a documentary over and over again only it never gets old. Every time I watch it I pick up a new fact. I need noise to fall asleep so every night I put on Netflix with the TV screen off so it’s just sound. I prefer documentaries because I would prefer to listen to something educating as I fall asleep. For a few months now, I have been watching (or listening I should say) to the same two or three documentaries every night and I feel like I either learn something new while falling asleep each night or I reinforce previously obtained knowledge. I hated studying in school because reading the same thing over and over got really boring really fast, but now? Repetitive things don’t really get boring because each time I watch or read something I experience something I just do not remember having experienced before which is cool because I like learning new things. Thanks MS memory!

One last thing I find beneficial is when I am in “deep contemplation” on any given subject. The first time I will come to a certain conclusion but the next time? It’s like I didn’t save that same mindset so I might come to a completely different conclusion. I like this because it allows me to genuinely see the same situation from many different angles; like talking to someone else about something to get their opinion. “Oh, I never looked at it that way, good point!” Only I am not talking to another person, I am basically sharing new views and opinions with myself. So once again, I seriously thank you MS memory for helping me make the best of a crappy situation! I am not being sarcastic!

How do certain disabilities actually help you in a way (by which I mean have an upside)? Share below!

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