Top 10 Community-Loved Quotes for Living with MS

Words are powerful. They can build bridges, leave lasting scars, soothe pains, and demonstrate love. Our community is filled with so many unique voices who are not only experts on life with MS but are able to clothe it in words in a way that helps others better understand and feel a little less alone.

Top 10 quotes for life with MS

We've loved capturing quotes over the years from both our advocate team and community members, and we've seen them serve as invigorating conversation starters, encouraging reminders, and words to live by. We decided to compile a collection of our top 10 most loved quotes on Instagram over the last few years.

1. You never know what tomorrow may hold

Each day with MS is different. In response to a friend who asked Lisa how she was out riding her bike with MS, RA, and in the wake of a recent cycling accident, Lisa joked, “Yes. Today I can ride, although I might not be able to walk tomorrow.” But she wasn’t really joking... This is reality with MS – one day you're fine but the next day you might wake up and not be able to walk or see.

2. Energy conservation is required daily

Life with MS is all about energy conservation. Many within the MS community like to use the Spoon Theory to describe what living with chronic fatigue is like. Many people don't realize that seemingly small tasks like taking a shower, getting dressed, or taking the trash out can be huge feats with exhausting consequences. A lot of people have to be extra critical of what they choose to do each day, and spontaneous plans are next to impossible.

3. It's okay to grieve

MS presents some harsh realities that are completely out of one's control. It's unpredictable, incurable, and can rob one's hopes and dreams – even one's own identity. Allowing yourself to be sad and to grieve these losses is not only okay, it's important in the healing process.

4. An ongoing battle

Our advocate Teresa, who is a Congential Heart Disease survivor in addition to an MS warrior, shared that heart disease made her a survivor, but multiple sclerosis makes her a warrior. The battle against MS is not something that is overcome – it is a daily, ongoing fight that requires great, often quiet, courage and strength of heart.

5. The reality of chronic pain

Health Union (our parent company) partnered with the US Pain Foundation for our first ever Chronic Pain in America survey and asked community members about their experiences with chronic pain. 4,725 people completed the survey and shared the many ways pain impacts their lives. One of the questions we asked in the survey is what people wished their doctors knew about their pain. Some people felt misunderstood while others discussed the emotional side of living with chronic pain. Many wanted their doctors to know how much pain impacts their quality of life and that it goes far beyond just the physical.

6. Emotional impact

Many only think about the physical manifestations of MS – spasticity, tremors, pain, fatigue, speech and mobility issues. But there many other aspects that often go unseen and unspoken, namely the major toll this condition has on one's emotional and mental health. Not only can the disease cause emotional and cognitive symptoms, the effect of living with a chronic illness and all it entails often has a negative impact on one's mental and emotional wellbeing.

7. There's no one to blame

It's common for people to question what caused an illness and its progression. Whether it's from others or people living with multiple sclerosis themselves, it's natural to look back on one's life seeking an explanation – Was it my genetic history? Did I not get enough sunlight as a kid? Did I get on the wrong treatment or did I start too soon or too late? It can be frustrating and maddening at times, but the problem is you can do everything right and still be sick because the exact cause of MS is still largely unknown.

8. All I want

The range of symptoms is far and wide, and no two people's experiences are exactly the same. From pain and fatigue to vision and cognitive problems, symptoms can come on without warning and have a drastic impact on daily life. MS symptoms can feel like one thing after another and leave many begging MS to please just leave them alone if only for a day.

9. Marraige and relationships

As many in our community have shared, multiple sclerosis challenges relationships to a whole new level. Whether it ends a relationship or makes it stronger, there’s no doubt that MS is often the unwanted and uninvited third wheel when it comes to romance.

10. Now what?

No one forgets the day they received an official MS diagnosis. Whether you felt angry, grieved, shocked, relieved, or all of the above, you are far from being alone. This community member below wrote this in reflection of her diagnosis day and what she wishes she could have said to her newly diagnosed self.

Which quote is your favorite?? Or do you have another quote you love? Share below!

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