Unanswered Questions

I’m guessing that a lot of us have thought or questioned many things since being diagnosed with MS. Am I going to be in a wheelchair? Is my medicine working? Am I overdoing it? The list goes on and on.

Asking myself "Is this normal?"

Have you asked yourself those questions and more? Have you thought to yourself, “I wonder what I’m going to be like in 20 years”? There are SO many questions and thoughts we have that really don’t have an answer to them. I’ve heard myself and many others ask things like, "Is this NORMAL?" As in, is it normal to feel a certain way with MS? Is a certain symptom normal? But honestly, is there really ANYTHING normal about MS?

Weather fluctuations and the impact on MS

Like right now, the weather has gone from below freezing to highs in the mid-70s in central Texas, and it’s supposed to go back down to freezing again, or close to within the next few days. My body does NOT like this AT all. So, I’m sitting here wondering, is this ‘normal’ for my body to do because of the erratic Texas weather, or am I in a flare-up?

Spasticity, weakness, and foot drop

Right now, my spasticity has increased by A LOT. MS has affected the right side of my body in the past, so it’s always been a tad bit weaker than my left side. But now, my right side is extremely weak, and my foot is dragging (foot drop). So, it’s kind of like a waiting game, because there is no actual way to know WHAT is causing this, unless I have an MRI and rule out if I’m in a flare or not.

Wondering what the future will bring

I’m not wondering if I’m going to end up in a wheelchair, because I’ve already been in one, but I’m wondering if I’m going to need it again in the near future.

And as I’m going through this, I have people close to me telling me to take it easy and don’t “overdo”. Well, now here is another unanswered question: define “overdoing it”. So, instead of doing things I had planned on doing this weekend, I’m sitting around the house and now deciding to write it all out.

New questions always come up

Do you ever wonder if the unanswered questions ever stop? I have. It always seems like when maybe I have an answer to one thing, another thing pops up.

For example, in the past when I’ve had a flare that was identified on an MRI, I wondered, why did I have a flare? What exactly caused it? Do I need to change certain things in my daily routine? Do I need to evacuate Texas during the summer months with the 100+ degree temperatures? Yeah, there can be suggestions made to these questions, but there aren’t any solid answers for them.

Questions I had when I was first diagnosed

I remember when I was first diagnosed, a really big question I had was, “Why me?”  What did I do to get MS? How do they know for sure I’m not a more progressive form of MS than RRMS, just because I’m ‘young’? I was told that being diagnosed at the age of 22 was a good thing because I could start trying to slow progression since the MS was caught earlier on in life.

When did my MS symptoms really start?

Then I’ve had different healthcare providers ask me, “When did your symptoms start?” Well honestly, I have NO clue… I mean I know when the symptom started where my face started going numb, that led to me being diagnosed months later. But now that I know all of the symptoms that MS can cause, I realize that there were signs here and there years before I was diagnosed, but I just didn’t know.

Tired of having more questions than answers

Well, those are just SOME of the questions that have gone through my mind and I’m sure all of yours as well. I’m just hoping that one day in the future, we have answers to all these questions and no more MS to deal with AT ALL. I can honestly say that I'm VERY tired of having more questions than answers, that's for sure.


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