A New Video Series to Educate and Inspire the MS Community

There’s strength in numbers when it comes to community. Shared stories and new ideas envelop us in love, hope, and support. Paying it forward - responding to a kindness by being kind to someone else - is the rallying cry that keeps our community bonded. It’s what we do best.

That’s why I was thrilled to take part in a video Ted-type series called MS Teamworks that focuses on educating and inspiring our community about living with MS. Here was another way for me to pay it forward to the people I adore.

Each video in the series is presented by a patient, caregiver or clinician and highlights an issue of concern for those living with MS and their loved ones. Collectively they demonstrate the reason MS Teamworks chose as their overall message:

I Have MS, I Have a Team, I Have a Future

I was happy to travel with my husband and son to Washington, DC to create two of the videos. One I’m alone on camera, the other with my family.

Prior to our trip, I worked hard on my script, trying to perfect the message I wanted to convey in a few paragraphs. I didn’t want to sound too preachy yet I wanted to tell my story so I could illustrate the importance of my main focus:

Trust your instincts to be your guide

When you watch the video you’ll hear about my journey with MS and how I went from a shy, naive newly diagnosed patient to a confident, empowered one who will never be silent about my healthcare again.

The powerful lessons I learned are something I want to pass onto you.

I hope you’ll listen and learn from my experiences. Hear why it’s crucial to trust your instincts when it comes to your healthcare. It’s my hope that everyone reading this post, and all who watch the video will never experience the same angst, humiliation, loss, and confusion I did for the first twenty years of living with MS.

Now that I’ve entered my 31st year with MS I know I’ll never be silent again!

Our disease gives us enough trouble, so if I can inspire you to question your medical team or learn how to advocate for yourself then I’ve paid it forward.

That’d sure feel good.

NOTE: Please check out the entire MS Teamworks video series at msteamworks.com. Topics include pregnancy, diet, progression, mental health, primary care, debunking myths, rehabilitation, managing your illness and so much more.

Many thanks to The Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and Catamount Medical Education.

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