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These COVID-19 pandemic times are taking a toll on our physical and mental health. I was thinking about my routines and composed my own checklist to take an inventory to verify I am ok. Perhaps you can identify with some or all of these.

Did I brush my teeth?

My dentist will hate this answer, but honestly, no. I didn’t do it before I got in the shower which is my usual routine. And then I didn’t think of it until later. And then I just procrastinated like an 8-year-old and skipped it entirely but I swear I didn’t skip brushing my teeth the second day, so am I ok?

Did I shower today?

My usual routine would be to brush my teeth and hop in the shower each and every day. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but at least a quick rinse off. These days there is no usual routine, and a daily shower doesn’t seem to be so necessary. I haven’t skipped more than one day of bathing, so am I ok?

Did I get out of bed before noon?

It’s so easy to roll over and catch another hour or two of rest. But when a night’s sleep slips into 12 hours later, perhaps that’s excessive. Surprisingly, I’ve been on the opposite schedule, and getting about 7 hours of sleep per night. I’m going to bed before 1 AM and rising before the morning news cycle is complete, so am I ok?

Did I dress today?

My nightgown and bathrobe are pretty comfortable and I’m going nowhere so why should I bother to get dressed? Pre-pandemic times I would often be working in my nightwear until noon or so, with getting dressed as a moving target but achievable every day. Although I’ve been tempted, I have not yet switched from nightgown to nightgown without putting on street clothes, so am I ok?

Did I get outside today?

This is a tough one because going out requires a destination to strive for. I’ve mowed the lawn twice and I have beat my husband to the coveted journey to the curb for the mailbox a few times. The big trashcan is also a prime destination these days. So yes, I make it a habit to get outside at least once a day, so am I ok?

Did I eat healthy food today?

No different than usual, I sometimes skip lunch because I ate a late breakfast. I eat when I’m hungry during the day and not according to the clock.  We are still having our evening meal together, and if it includes a vegetable, I consider it a bonus win, so am I ok?

Did I exercise today?

Getting exercise is tough when all I have to do each and every day is sit around and wait for the danger of COVID-19 and the quarantine to lift. I don’t have a gym or personal trainer at home but I do have some very basic equipment and hand weights.  I’ve put some intentional effort into riding my exercise bike every other day, so am I ok?

Did I talk with someone other than myself?

I’m not the only one going through this difficult time, and there are plenty of people who I haven’t talked with for a while.  There are also people who I speak with regularly but yet still seem to enjoy hearing my voice, which I assume since they answer my calls. Our son has called us a couple times a day for three weeks now and just commented he has talked to me more lately doing these wellness checks, than he has in years. I’m talking daily with others outside my home, so am I ok?

Are we ok?

I hope you are also doing OK in these tough times; often it is the seemingly small daily routines that can clue us in otherwise. If you aren’t sure, please consider reaching out to your health professionals for assistance. May is the traditional month for National Mental Health Awareness, but nothing says we have to wait until then to work on our own mental health. There is no time like today to learn more and reach out for help if you feel less than ok.

Wishing you well,


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